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An Intern's Reflection on the SSA New England Leadership Summit

by Nathaniel Mauger

Speak Out Against the Texas State Board of Education


 DEFEND ... The Enlightenment, Science and Reason, High Academic Standards in our Public Schools, and the Separation of Church and State!

Join us on the steps of the Texas Capitol in Austin
Sunday, May 16, 2010 ~ 11:00 AM
Speak out against proposed radical changes to public school textbooks by the State Board of Education!
A religious-right faction dominating the Texas Board of Education is trying to distort the content of public school textbooks. This revisionist history includes downplaying or eliminating mention of Enlightenment thinkers including Thomas Jefferson; more emphasis on religious themes and figures (theocrats like John Calvin!); and even attacks on Darwinian evolution.

These religious extremists wish to turn our public schools into pulpits for sectarian preaching and an authoritarian social and cultural agenda. Their actions could affect the content of school texts in nearly two-dozen other states as well! We urge you to join us for a peaceful assembly on the steps of the Texas State Capitol in Austin to protest this outrage, and to express support of teaching solid science, balanced history and facts over sectarian religious dogmatism. Stop the Texas Textbook Massacre!

Furman Society of Free Inquiry Wins "Boundary Breaking" Award


by Ryan Hampton

Catherine's Inspiring Story


Dear Supporter,

I can't believe how much we've achieved in just 7 months! Last spring, I hadn't even heard of the Secular Student Alliance. Since then, with their help, I founded a flourishing group for fellow nonreligious students at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, organized dozens of social and service events, and was there for the Secular Coalition for America's historic policy briefing with the Obama Administration.

None of this success would have been possible without the continued support of people like you.

My group's growth is not unique; the SSA's aid empowers leaders on campuses around the country to build secular student groups. We are one of two hundred Secular Student Alliance affiliate groups - a number which has more than doubled in three years!

This is an exciting time for our movement. Donate to the Secular Student Alliance today to keep the momentum rolling!

The recent unprecedented policy briefing with administration officials signals a coming change in how politicians will treat secular Americans like you and me - and students will be an integral part of that change. The Secular Student Alliance represents the generation which has the highest percent of nontheists ever. We have the potential to affect the political landscape as we continue to become more active and organized.

Richard Dawkins put it well: "The Secular Student Alliance is the future. Or it had better be, if there is to be any future worth having!"

We need to keep investing in the future of our movement. By donating to the Secular Student Alliance, you are building the movement from the ground up and inspiring a new generation of secular leaders. Please contribute today!

Catherine W. Blackwell
Secular Student Alliance at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County

P.S. Every day, new students hoping to become leaders in the secular community join our movement. We need your contribution to continue supporting this growth. Thank you for your commitment to a secular future!


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