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Investigation Update


Upon becoming aware of a complaint regarding the Secular Student Alliance's handling of allegations such as sexual harassment, the SSA Board engaged an independent third party to determine whether the organization’s internal policies and procedures are sufficient in this regard.

To be clear, the purpose of the third party inquiry was to determine the sufficiency of and ways to continue to improve SSA’s policies and procedures, not to determine the guilt or innocence of any party or the merit of any accusations.

12 Days Left :: This Week


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Investigation Announcement


On June 15, 2016, we announced that we were launching a Board-led investigation into our handling of a complaint against Dr. Carrier. Since that announcement, an outside consultant was brought on board to lead the investigation. 

The consultant was given complete autonomy in their investigation and has been actively interviewing people. Our Board has been receiving frequent updates and is in regular contact with the consultant. Based on the current findings to date, the consultant has recommended the investigation be expanded beyond its original scope and the Board has agreed. 

Again, The Secular Student Alliance does not tolerate harassment of its members. Any harassment conducted by speakers who are affiliated with SSA can be reported using this form: https://secularstudents.org/speakers/report

The expectations of our speakers can be found here: https://secularstudents.org/speakers/policies 

The outcome of this investigation will result in new policies and processes to better protect our students. At the conclusion of our investigation we will release what we can about our findings. 

In the meantime, we want to make clear that speakers who are removed for cause from our Speakers Bureau will not be invited to SSA Con 2016, or to any future SSA Con. We are also currently working on a policy for informing students of Speakers Bureau member removals. 

We have added an email address to report any harassment/code of conduct issues that either occurred in the past or are currently existing: investigation@secularstudents.org. These issues will go directly to our consultant and will be handled in the strictest confidence.

View the Facebook version of this announcement.

No __, no shoes, no service :: This Week


SSA Con is an event to remember, and one of the best ways to remember it is with a t-shirt! Printouts will be filled and pens will be lost, but a shirt is something you’ll be able to carry with you for years! Why, just look at this handsome fellow in his 2015 shirt at the Reason Rally!

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