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SSA Conference Schedule


For more information about the conference, please see our Conference page!

Friday Night (July 6th)




Noon – 6:00 PM

Game room!

Maudine Cow Room (basement)

6:00 – 7:00 PM

Pizza and Icebreakers

Bank Theater

7:00 PM

Evan Clark, Chair of the SSA

Bank Theater

7:30 PM

August Brunsman,
Executive Director of the SSA

Bank Theater

8:00 – 9:00 PM

SSA Jeopardy!

Bank Theater

9:00 – 10:00 PM

Best Awards & 2012 Freethought Backbone Award

Bank Theater

10:00 PM

Jessica Ahlquist

Bank Theater

Saturday (July 7th)


Bank Theater

Great Hall Room 3

Great Hall Room 2

10:00 AM

Catered Breakfast

Yum!- In the Lobby!

That means it’s free!

10:30 AM

Michael Gobaud
Sustainable Recruitment

Sharon Moss
Using Alumni

Religious Campuses Panel

11:00 AM

Kelley Freeman
Leadership Transitions

Suzy Lewis
Selling with the RDF Store

Religious Campuses Panel

11:30 AM

Drew Pruitt

Kenny Flagg
Social Media

Gordon Maples

12:00 – 1:15 PM


West Ballroom


1: 15 PM

Group Photo

Main Staircase

Inside the Union!

1:30 PM

SB Morgaine
Making Groups Accessible to Deaf Students

Mark Hatcher
Historically Black Colleges

Advisor Track
Kathy Goodman
Making Campuses More Non-Religious Friendly

2:00 PM

Jen McCreight

Lori Fazzino
Deconversion Research

Advisor Track
Barry Markovsky
Close, but Not Too Close

2:30 PM

Amanda Knief
Caution: Atheists At Work

Sarah Maddox and Ben Blanchard
Tabling Like a Pro

Advisor Track
Scott Cragin
Resistant Administrations

3:00 PM

Andrew Seidel
Getting a Job in the Movement

Patrick Smith
Community Colleges

Advisor Track
Jon Paolone
Providing Institutional Memory

3:30 PM

Break time!

Maybe we can play hacky sack

Or not.

4:00 PM

Dustin Tucker
Running a Billboard Campaign

Claire Minnis
Small Colleges

Advisor Track
Greg Lammers
Connecting with Off Campus Groups

4:30 PM

AJ Johnson
Why the Christians Keep Winning...And How to Stop Them

Blake Page
Military Colleges

Advisor Track
Amy Young
Encouraging Inter-Group Cooperation

5:00 PM

Ted Cox
Events from a Speaker’s Perspective

Jerry DeWitt
Recovering From Religion

Advisor Track Roundtable Discussion

5:30 PM

Matt Dillahunty
(Un)Safe Assumptions

Herb Silverman
Candidate Without a Prayer

Advisor Track Roundtable Discussion

6:00 – 8:00 PM


You’re on your own!

Go get food





 Saturday Night


Bank Theater

8:00 PM

Hemant Mehta, The Friendly Atheist
The Uprising of Young Atheists

8:30 PM

Greta Christina
Coming Out: What Can the Godless Learn from the Queers? 

9:00 PM

David Fitzgerald
Atheist World Domination (A How-To Guide)

9:30 PM

Adam Lee
How to Move Mountains: The Importance of Speaking Out

10:00 PM

Keith Lowell Jensen



Bank Theater

Great Hall Room 3

Great Hall Room 2

10:00 AM

Breakfast Provided

Yummy- In the Lobby!

Mmm, food!

10:30 AM

Amanda Metskas
Camp Quest

Derek Miller
Crisis of Perception: Atheists in American Society

Group Starting Track
Andy Cheadle
Dangers to a First Year Group

11:00 AM

Planned Parenthood
What PP Can Do For Your Group

Rebecca Tippens
Freethought Library

Group Starting Track
Brendan Murphy
How to Successfully Herd Cats: Setting Direction in New Groups

11:30 AM

Chuck Miller
Light the Night

David Niose
The Rise Of Secular Americans

Group Starting Track
Brandon King
Working with Administrations

12:00 PM

Jason Torpy
Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers

Freethinking, Inquiring, Secular Humanists (FISH)
Facing Adversity

Secular Safe Zone Training
JT Eberhard

12:30 PM

Brittany Shoots-Reinhard
Foundation Beyond Belief

Andrew Tripp
Why Your Group Should Get Involved in Social Justice

Secular Safe Zone Training
JT Eberhard

1:00 PM

Edwina Rogers
Secular Coalition of America

Brendan Murphy
No Gods, Just Demons: Why Atheism Does Mental Health Better

Secular Safe Zone Training
JT Eberhard

1:30 PM

Dave Silverman
The Reason Rally is Over (Now What?)



2:00 PM




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