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Maps and Directions


Here is a schnazzy map! The conference schedule can be found here.

1. Check in for the dorms will begin at 3:00pm on Friday, July 29. Check in for the dorms can be done at the Royer Activity Center's living room. The address for the building is 85 Curl Dr, Columbus, OH 4321. It is building #183 on the map.

2. The dorms themselves are located in Haverfield House, which is 182 on the map. If you are staying in a single room, chances are you will be in Jones Tower, which is 267 on the enclosed map. The address for Haverfield House is 112 West Woodruff Avenue and the address for Jones Tower is 101 Curl Drive.

3. The game day on Friday will be in the Maudine Cow Room in the Ohio State Union on 1739 N High St. The majority of the conference will be held in the Hitchcock building, which is 274 on the map. It is right next to the dorms, so it should be easy to find for most of you. The address for that building is 2070 Neil Ave.

4. Internet will be available to you at this conference! To acquire it, first find the open AT&T wireless network on your device and connect. If your device has a browser, you will have to accept the terms and conditions before connecting. This should work both in the classrooms and the dorms. (Once you have the internet connected, be sure to add the hashtag #SSA2011 to all your tweets! :P)

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