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Leadership Events


Each year, the Secular Student Alliance hosts leadership events. At the annual conference, students exchange best practices, get inspired, and connect with the larger secular movement. Although empowering student leaders and activists is the core purpose of our leadership events, we welcome non-students and off-campus group leaders to join us and learn.

If you, or some of your group leaders, cannot make it to our conference this year, check out our virtual conference leadership tracks. You can check out the most important group running and leadership training available at our conferences and make them available to your leaders and group members as well!

If you are interested in reaching students and student groups, you can get a table and/or an ad in the conference booklets. More details on that here.

2013-2014 SSA Annual Conference Locations

Once again, we will be holding the SSA Annual Conference in both an East and West location. SSA Con East will once again be hosted by the SSA at OSU at The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH while SSA Con West will be hosted by Secular Student Alliance at Arizona State University on their campus in Phoenix, AZ. Click here for more information!

If you are curious about the topic tracks we offer at the SSA Annual Conference, click here for more information on them.

2012-2013 SSA Annual Conference Locations

Our conference gets bigger and more popular every year! 2012's was awesome and 2013's was even better! You know the drill: lots of student leaders, great sessions, great networking opportunities, and a rock star line up of icons of the secular movement. 

We had two locations this year in order to better serve the needs of students and affiliate groups. SSA Con West was located in Las Vegas, on the campus of UNLV, June 21-23. SSA Con East was again hosted in Columbus, OH, on the campus of OSU, July 12-14. As always, we had leadership travel aid available to help get you and your group to the nearest conference location.

Read about our past conferences and events!

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