FFRF Program Grants


The Freedom From Religion Foundation's (FFRF) Program Grant is available to eligible Affiliates and Chapters of the Secular Student Alliance. In order to apply, SSA chapters must submit an FFRF Program Grant Request and a subsequent event report. Applications for funds will be reviewed by SSA staff and, if approved, funding will be sent by reimbursement check.

What information do I need to apply? 

To apply for an FFRF Program Grant you'll need to let us know as much as you can about the program or event you have planned. We will want to hear about your goals for the event as well as your planning process. You'll also be asked about other funding you are seeking to support the event. Our staff will help you answer these questions leading to a well-executed event, however the more information you can provide us in this application the better.

What types of programs can an FFRF Program Grant fund? 

Program Grants are given to SSA Chapters and Affiliates that are seeking to make an impact on their campus through community service, advocacy, service, and education. Program grants do not cover purchasing merchandise such as t-shirts or paying speaker honorariums.

How will we get the money?

Program grants are handled on a reimbursement basis. Your application will include a detailed budget for your program. If the budget is approved in writing, you will be authorized to spend up to that amount on pre-approved expense categories. Once the program concludes, you will submit all receipts for expenses to the SSA national office for reimbursement. We can only reimburse for expenses that carry a receipt, so don't forget to save them! Reimbursement can take up to 3 weeks.

I can't wait 3 weeks, can I get money ahead of time?

Unfortunately, no. However, our campus organizing staff are glad to help you request money from your school or help you with virtual fundraising or holding fundraising events. That way your chapter or affiliate can have cash on hand to spend as you please on SSA activities. Fundraising is a great way to increase SSAs visibility and build your chapter.