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Using Visual Aids for Discussion

 When you are holding a discussion meeting, sometimes it makes sense to use visual aids to clarify your points or provide background on a specific subject. Sometimes, just discussing a topic can become a little boring, especially for new members who may not feel comfortable contributing to the dialogue right away. Using visuals will add a dynamic new element to your meetings. These aids can include PowerPoints, videos, posters, or even articles in magazines or journals that you find to be especially relevant to the discussion. In our Group Discussion Guides , we include PowerPoints that outline the basics of the topic being discussed. We also include a list of videos that are relevant to the topic in some way or another.

Video Resources

  1.  Youtube.com - Youtube is chock full of videos about atheism. If you are looking for debates between world renown theists and atheists, this is the place to go. While youtube in general can be a little "hit or miss", if you know what to look for you can find a wealth of interesting, thought provoking material.
  2.  FORA.TV - FORA gathers the web's largest collection of unmediated video drawn from live events, lectures, and debates going on all the time at the world's top universities, think tanks and conferences. They present this provocative, big-idea content for anyone to watch, interact with, and share. Many subjects they cover are of specific interest to freethinkers including economics, culture, science, technology, and politics.
  3.  TED.com - Ted.com is a small nonprofit organization that aggregates brilliant ideas from around the world in the form of "TedTalks". These short 18 minute presentations cover subjects ranging from new breakthroughs in technology such as the development of synthetic life in the lab, to comedian and atheist Julia Sweeney on letting go of god. The length of these videos serves to supplement a discussion meeting well, seeing as they don't dominate the time allotment.
  4. Other great video ideas can be found on the SSA page for Pre-Meeting TV and Movie Viewings.
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