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This Week: Use Amazon to Support SSA, Job Opportunities, Speak at our Conference


Shop at Amazon and Support the SSA!

You know how the best part about the internet (well, aside from cat videos) is how easy shopping has become? If you need an obscure product, bam! There it is, right on the internet! And you can have it delivered right to your door! You don't even need to leave your house!

We love online shopping, and we bet you do too (especially when it comes time to buy textbooks). Did you know you can support the SSA just by using this Amazon.com link when you go to buy something? We'll recieve a percentage of your purchase at no charge to you! Now you can order all the Nutella you want, without feeling guilty, because you're helping support secular students! Update your bookmark and shop away!

Job Opportunities with SSA

This is what our days are like.  
At least, some days.

Did you know the SSA is hiring? We're growing so rapidly we need more people to help us keep up! We're looking for three summer interns (one for graphic design, one for writing/resource development, and one communications intern), two part-time Regional Campus Organizers, and one part-time Texas Regional Campus Organizer.

We also have a bunch of opportunities with other organizations on our jobs page.  If you or someone you know is interested in starting a career in the secular movement, now's the time to apply!

Speak at SSA 2013 Annual Conference

Have you done something really awesome this year? Did your group have something go completely wrong, so you want to warn groups on how to do it better? Do you just like the sound of your own voice?

You're in luck! We are still accepting student speakers for BOTH of our annual conference locations this year! We still need volunteers, so don't be afraid that you "aren't good enough" – we still want to hear from you! Apply today and who knows, you might just become the next big voice of atheism. The deadline is March 1st, so don't put it off until the last minute!

Group Photo of the Week

About half of the Secular Student Alliance of Tidewater Community College – Portsmouth.  This group  fought very hard for recognition on campus - and succeeded!
Send us your photos!
New Leader?
No Longer a Leader?
Let us know!
SSA Leaderspace

We're excited to announce that Rev. Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, will be speaking at our Columbus conference! 

Check out the rest of the Columbus speaker lineup as well as the Las Vegas speaker lineup.

Want in on the action?  Apply to speak!
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Secular Students of Washtenaw Community College
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Featured Speaker
Sunsara Taylor
Sunsara Taylor is a passionate, articulate revolutionary and unapologetic atheist. She speaks on women's liberation, atheism, science, critical thinking and morality without gods.
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