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This Week: Student Memberships - Group Edition, Use Blind Carbon Copy!, James Randi Scholarship


Student Memberships - Group Edition

Want sign your entire group to have student membership benefits? We now offer a seamless process for you to sign your members up just for that! As always, student memberships provide members with these benefits:

  • Membership in the nation's largest network of secular students
  • Membership card and awesome SSA swag
  • Discounts to our annual conference
  • Eligibility for Leadership Travel Aid funding
  • Access to our Affiliate and Member Store

If your group uses the affiliate student membership, it will also receive extra swag on top of all the other benefits!

Use Blind Carbon Copy!

E-mail is the most popular way to communicate across the inter-webs, but just like any other form of communication, there are some courtesies you should follow.  Today, we're talking about BCC - the Blind Carbon Copy!

You probably wouldn't hand out sheets of all your members' email addresses while tabling, would you?  So why would you hand them out when emailing your entire list?  But every time you send an email with 142 addresses in the "To:" field, that's exactly what you're doing - every single recipient now has contact information for all your members.  Not cool, buddy.

Fortunately, there's an easy and universal tool to solve this problem.  It's called the BCC: field, which stands for "Blind Carbon Copy" - from the dark ages when everyone used typewriters.  It usually appears beneath the CC: field, and might appear as a link in your normal display.  Dump your 142 email addresses in that field, and presto!  Now your recipients don't have to scroll through 142 email addresses to access the message, and everyone's contact information is protected.  Everybody wins (except Nigerian spammers, and we're ok with that).

James Randi Scholarship

The James Randi Educational Foundation has released information for their Critical Thinking Educational Scholarship Awards for the 2012-2013 school year. There are two scholarships available for $1,000 each: one for graduate students and the other for undergraduate. To apply you must fill out their application (pdf, doc), type a 500-word essay and include your college transcripts. All required materials must be received by January 10, 2013. Winners will be announced February of that year. Click here for more info.

For more information on secular student scholarships please visit our scholarship page.

Group Photo of the Week

Members from USAFA Freethinkers at a tabling event spreading the good news.

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Corrections and Updates
: In the 9.17.12 edition of the ThisWeek we mistakenly said Humanists at UIUC raised $100+ toward LTN. Illini Secular Student Alliance (ISSA) was the group intended to deserve the praise. We are also proud to announce Secular Students of Charleston and Atheists, Humanists & Agnostics raised $100+ toward LTN. Check out their pages!
Thank you for voting for us for Chase Community Giving! We ultimately received 6,116 votes landing us in 27th place and securing our $50,000 win. We could not have done this without you so here is our video of appreciation for your viewing pleasure.

Missed the SSA's Annual Conference? Didn't get to see all the talks? We're constantly posting new videos to our YouTube Channel, so you can check them out! This latest video comes from Andy Cheadle speaking on dangers to a first-year group.

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