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This Week: Dedicated Day of Service, N.O.S.S. Volunteer Positions, Buy SSA Stuffs


Dedicated Day of Service

Since many of our groups express an interest in volunteering, we thought we would bring this to everyone's attention. Now, we already know there is a national day of service coming up (Sept. 11th) but if you would rather do community service a little later, Redditgifts has a growing list of meet ups you can find (around Sept. 22nd). You can join a separate meet up or host your own service idea. Our affiliates who are also a part of Volunteers Beyond Belief should seriously consider being a part of this.

Of course one way to get involved is to start a Light the Night group. There are simple instructions here and a more in depth activity packet here.

N.O.S.S. Volunteer Positions

The National Organization of Secular Scholarships (N.O.S.S.) is a scholarship fund set up to assist atheist, agnostic, secular humanists, freethinkers, and skeptics alike find the funding they need for their education. The award will be given to multiple individuals based on community involvement, and atheist activism in their community. The scholarship requires an essay, and the subject varies from time to time.

N.O.S.S. is a start-up organization which is looking for volunteer positions in web developing and Facebook organizing. Multiple positions in each category may be hired. These positions could later turn into full time hires in the future.

Check out our jobs page to for more information on these positions.

Check out their Facebook page.

Buy SSA Stuffs

See anyone wearing our lapel pin during the 2012 annual conference? Now you can buy one on our buy supplies page! The lapel pins are $5 each and look fantastic fastened to just about anything. Other items for sale are our SSA stamps which cost $10 bucks each (available for a limited amount of time). Use them to stamp forms, hands or other objects with relatively flat surfaces. We also have baby blue gel wristbands which you can buy. Every $3 gets you 10 fashionable bands. You can wear them anywhere and show off your SSA pride!

Buy them today! By the way, Don't forget - you can get still standard tabling supplies for free (if you are affiliated) at www.secularstudents.org/tablingsupplies.


Group Photo of the Week

Members from Secular Student Alliance @ San Jose State University with speaker Ted Cox.

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Missed the SSA's Annual Conference? Didn't get to see all the talks? We're constantly posting new videos to our YouTube Channel so you can check them out! The latest video comes from Herb Silverman speaking on the religious landscape in America.

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Featured Speaker
Ted Cox
A Journalist and ex-Mormon. Ted Cox received international attention after his undercover reporting of gay-to-straight 'therapy' programs. Which he loves to talk about. He covers several other topics as well.
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