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This Week: School Start, CFI Hires, Recover From Religion


School Start

This week is the first week of classes for most of you. Make sure you take advantage of all of our services to keep your groups going strong.  In particular, you should be tabling like mad this week - it's probably the  most effective way to publicize your group to your peers. Fill out our tabling supplies form and we'll be happy to send those out. Also look at our activity packet for awareness tabling.

CFI Hires

Two positions are open from the Center For Inquiry office headquarters in Amherst, New York. Beyond their Web Developer position, which has yet to have a deadline, there is a new Campus Organizer position. The campus organizer will assist in the implementation of CFI's campus outreach initiative, working in coordination with other outreach department staff and CFI branch leaders. The deadline to apply for the campus organizer position is August 27th at 5:00 PM (EST).

To apply, send a résumé, writing sample, and a cover letter tooncampus@centerforinquiry.net. For more information about this position, visit the CFI website or contact Campus Outreach Coordinator Debbie Goddard at dgoddard@centerforinquiry.net or call (716) 636-4869 ext. 421.

As always, check out our jobs page for more information about jobs in the secular movement.

Recover From Religion

After seeing a level of interest we've completed a new activity packet for those de-converting from a religion with help from Recovering from Religion. You can read more below.

The transition to secularism can be a difficult one in many ways. Recovering from Religion is an organization that brings together people who have been through (and are going through) similar hardships on the road to non-theism. Student groups often include members who are either still closeted with their non-theism or are dealing actively with coming out to their families; which makes them ideal hosts for Recovering from Religion meetings.


Group Photo of the Week

Members from Atheists Community of Bellevue College pose in the spotlight.

Send us your photos!
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SSA Leaderspace
Get ready for our Affiliation Renewal Extravaganza in October! October will be here before you know it but until then feel free to email us about any changes in your group's leadership, contact info or status.

Missed the SSA's Annual Conference? Didn't get to see all the talks? We're constantly posting new videos to our YouTube Channel so you can check them out! This video comes from Jessica Ahlquist, who talks about the secular movement and her personal experiences in it.

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Phil Ferguson
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Phil is an investment advisor representative. He is a longtime supporter of the secular movement and a member of the SSA Board of Directors. He can speak on homeopathy, skeptic investing and the bible according to legos among other topics.

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