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This Week: Student Memberships, Speaker Tours, and Checking In


Student Membership

Did you know that the SSA offers free memberships to students? It's different than being a member of a group that's affiliated with us (which is, of course, awesome). Being a student member gives you a freaking membership card with your name printed on it-- oh, and discounts to our annual conference and eligibility for Leadership Travel Aid (aka free money for you to go to cool secular events).

If you aren't a Student Member already, you should fix that right now by signing up here! And once you've done that, you should email that link to all of your group members so they can become Student Members as well.

Speaker Tours

Two members of our Speakers Bureau are touring around the US currently. Edward Falzon wrote the satirical book "Being Gay is Disgusting" and is able to talk or debate any topic relating to religion, morality, and sometimes evolution. He will be visiting all 50 states, plus six Canadian provinces until February of 2013.

Shelley Segal is an Australian singer-songwriter who performed at the Reason Rally in March. She will be travelling around the US until April of 2013, so see if she's available in your area!

Checking In With Campus Organizers

The school year is rapidly approaching! With new classes, moving in to the dorms, and other various back-to-school issues, running a group can seem extra daunting! Don't worry, the campus organizers have got your back.

If you have any idea for something to do this year (or worse, no ideas!), but aren't sure how to start it-- send us an email or give us a call! Our campus organizers all have experience and knowledge in running groups and activities, and can certainly help get you started. Sometimes the first step is the hardest, and we can get you going so you can have an extra-successful year!


Photo of the Week

Having fun with lightsabers at our conference- who said conferences aren't any fun?

Send us your photos!
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Featured Speaker
Abby Hafer
As a professor of Anatomy & Physiology, Abby Hafer quickly realized the "Intelligent Design" argument was political, not scientific. With this figured out, she realized that what we need is political-style arguments in defense of evolution. Her presentation "Unintelligent Design" contains bulletproof science, but is short, easy to understand, easy to repeat, and makes the opposition look bad.
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