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This Week: Back to School Planning, Light the Night Fundraising, 2013 Scholarships


Back to School Planning

There is about a month left until our high school and semester students go back to school. Be prepared! Make sure you reserve rooms, order tabling supplies and business cards and sign up and participate in for your campus' activity fair. We have all kinds of pretty and eye catching material to use at our design exchange that will attract new members to your group. If necessary, reregister your student organization at your school's student life department (or other relevant office) and get all the necessary student officer training requirements done for your group.

Rein in the new school year with our new multi-speaker event funding. This funding process makes it easier for your group to get funding and provides access to greater funding if needed. Instructions and ideas on running such an event can be found here. If you have any questions about multi-speaker funding, feel free to email Nick at nick@secularstudents.org.

Light the Night Fundraising

We are proud of our 24 Light the Night teams representing secular students across the US! The Light the Night effort is year long however, it is still not too late to sign up and create your own team or join an existing team. If you create a team, don't forget to incorporate FBB and SSA in your team name. And finally let us know!

If your LTN team is raising money, they will get free food! LLS and resturant.com are teaming up to provide groups free meals at various dining locations. If your group raised $250 or more between July 1st and August 31st, you will receive a free coupon code. More details here!

Getting these goodies should be no problem for University of Chicago Secular Student Alliance as they have raised over $566 as of today. Congratulations on your contribution to helping fight cancer, guys! And a big thanks to all our affiliates who created teams!

2013 Scholarships


The Secular Student Alliance does not endorse the National Atheist Party

The National Atheist Party has four new scholarships for secular students: two for high school students and two for college students. They are all valued at $1,000. To be eligible students must be pursuing an education in research/applied sciences or demonstrate secular activism. The submission deadline for college students is November 1st 2012 and the deadline for high school students is March 1st 2013. For more information check out the NAP scholarships page.

American Atheists has an Annual Founder's Scholarship. If you have demonstrated a record for activism in atheism this scholarship is available to you. The scholarship is $2,000 for first place and $1,000 for the runner up. The Founder's scholarship is open to students currently enrolled in a university and to high school seniors who will be attending college next year. To apply, you must email AJ Johnson and ask for an application or you may call them at (908) 276-7300. The deadline for this scholarship is January 31st 2013. For more information go to AA's scholarship page. For more info on scholarships for secular students in general keep an eye out for our scholarships page.


Group Photo of the Week

The Buffalo State Freethinkers crew pose for their 2011-2012 year portrait.

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Missed the SSA's Annual Conference? Didn't get to see all the talks? We're constantly posting new videos to our YouTube Channel so you can check them out! The latest video comes from David Fitzgerald speaking on atheist world domination.

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