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This Week: Group Running Guide Cover, Humanist Researcher, How to Interact With Theists


Group Running Guide Cover

Is your group active in the summer? Do you want to be on the SSA's new Group Running Guide 2012 edition cover? We need your group photos! Get creative and have fun with it! One idea we came up with is a group photo with all the members of the group literally running. But you can also simply send us any and all the photos of your group where you will be imortalized in our publication.

All Group Running Guide photo inquiries should go to our design intern Ellen.

Humanist Press Researcher

Humanist Press, a subsidiary of the American Humanist Association is seeking a student interested in researching various holy books in a project similar to the creation of the Jefferson Bible, except with more holy books, which will be published and sent to members of Congress.

Applicants should be enthusiastic about this project and be willing to read and analyze large amounts of text critically. To apply email Luis Granados a brief summary of why this project is something of interest and demonstrate the reasons you can complete this project. The research needs to be complete by November (or earlier). This position is not paid per hour but the researcher will be credited and paid a percentage of profits from the book depending on the amount of work. For more information about this opportunity go to our jobs page.

How to Interact With Theists

Many SSA affiliates often encounter theists at their group's meetings and events. Some groups encourage such attendance and some don't. Often, theists who attend regularly can help make discussions more interesting and lively; however there are a few ways they can negatively impact the group. There are several different ways your group can handle theists in positive or negative ways. We created this article as a resource for our affiliates to use as a go to on how to interact with theists.


Group Photo of the Week

Members from East Carolina University Secular Student Alliance tabling at student orientation.

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