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This Week: Website Secure, Job and Internships, SSA Light the Night Participants


Website Secure!safe

The This Weeks are back! We are sorry for the delay in getting some of our online services back and running. Due to the relentless attacks we had to take extra security measures to make our website secure. Functionality has been fully restored however and our website is now fully accessible.

Job and Internships

We have 2 internships and 1 job in the movement. The first comes from the Secular Coalition for Arizona. This is a part-time internship, it is also a paid position. To be considered for this position the applicant must be a student and resident of Arizona. To apply for the SC Arizona Fall 2012 Internship Program, please fill out the application and send all materials to serah@secularAZ.org. Applications are due July 27th. For more information check their website.

Foundation Beyond Belief has four intern positions over the course of five-months beginning August 1st. All work is done virtually. This is not a paid position. To apply, send a CV, letter expressing interest, email references and any relevant work demonstrating skills to Noelle George, Intern Program Coordinator, by July 23, 2012. More information can be found on their website.

Atheist Alliance International is seeking a new editor for their flagship magazine Secular World. This is a contract, self-managed position that involves securing content for each issue, cover design and management of advertising and production. Application deadline is August 20th. For further information and application details please click here.

As always go to our jobs page to see all the latest news on secular jobs!

SSA Light the Night Participants


We have at least 22 affiliate groups participating in the Light the Night fundraising event. You can go here to see if our list is up to date. Don't hesitate to let us know if your group is not being represented or if anything is not accurate. The list is based off of SSA affiliate members being part of the Light the Night teams. Not all LTN team members are necessarily affiliate members of an SSA group.

We know of one Light the Night/Foundation Beyond Belief team which has one of our student members and another which is a group starting, but these people have yet to be a part of an affiliate group. Once they are affiliated we will add them to the list.

Group Photo of the Week

Members from the Secular Student Alliance at University of Central Florida at their T-shirt committee meeting.

Send us your photos!
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SSA Leaderspace
Notice: Over the past week, our website has been attacked four times, and three of the attacks forced our website offline.  Someone out there knows that we make a difference at the SSA, and is trying to stop us.

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