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This Week: New Secular Jobs, Our Summer Interns, SSA's 2012 Annual Conference


This Week: New Secular Jobs, Our Summer Interns, SSA's 2012 Annual Conference

New Secular Jobs

Do you have dreams of becoming a professional atheist? There are two new jobs up for grabs in the secular movement. The first position comes from American Atheists. They are hiring a public relations director "as soon as possible!" For information on eligibility, job requirements and application information check the American Atheists website. The deadline for this position is June 15th.

The other job offer comes from Americans United for Separation of Church and State. They're looking for a web developer or web designer to manage and upkeep their online resources. More information about this position can be found on their website. Deadline to apply is July 1st. Become a professional atheist and apply!

As always, look out for new postings in our jobs page which is constantly being updated.

Our Summer Interns

We hired two new interns! Ellen Lundgren is a a 4th-year student at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, studying Art & Design, with an emphasis in Visual Studies. She is also the president of Grand Valley Secular Alliance (previously CFI - Grand Valley).

Dave Muscato is a 3rd year student at the University of Missouri-Columbia, majoring in economics and anthropology and getting minors in classical Latin and philosophy. Dave is also the vice president of the University of Missouri Skeptics, Atheists, Secular Humanists, & Agnostics (SASHA) and blogs for several websites including Skepticfreethought and Harvardhumanist.

Together, Ellen and Dave will be revising the Group Running Guide. We sent out over 350 guides last year, and we're looking forward to improving it so we can continue to offer high quality advice to our student leaders.

SSA's 2012 Annual Conference

Our annual conference is a just a month away! Join us for an awesome lineup of speakers including Matt Dillahunty, Jessica Alquist, Greta Christina and much more! Our full list of speakers can be seen here. Registration for student members only costs $39 (get student membership). Housing rates are $54 for a single room and $21 per person for a shared room of 4. Unfortunately we're no longer accepting applications for Leadership Travel Aid but you can still register and make it out. Learn more at the conference webpage and join us July 6th!


Group Photo of the Week

Secular Students of Miami University (in Ohio) with the late Christopher Hitchens in 2010.

Send us your photos!
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SSA Leaderspace
Notice: We have reached our budget for Leadership Travel Aid and are therefore no longer accepting applications for them for our 2012 annual conference.

Shelly Segal is a singer-songwriter and a secular activist. She is having a tour around the country and would love to speak at  your campus during the fall. If interested, contact Nick and he will get you set up with her. Check here to see tour dates and areas.
Freedom From Religion Foundation has two scholarships left for college students under 25 and college students (or grad students) over 25. Both are due June 15th. The deadline for high school students has passed. Check our scholarships page for updates on scholarships for secular students.

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Featured Speaker
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John is a former minister and apologist who speaks on a wide variety of topics and is willing to do debates as well. He does not charge an honorarium and would love to come to your campus.
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