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This Week: SSA Week, Group Running Guide Survey, Summer Group Ideas


This Week: SSA Week, Group Running Guide Survey, Summer Group Ideas


SSA Week

ssaweek logo

Help the SSA promote SSA Week! We have launched a full scale fundraising effort last week to help meet the demands of our students in the fall. Spread the word about SSA Week on Facebook, Twitter (hashtag #SSAWeek), Reddit, Youtube, blogs and on other social media sites. SSA Week lasts until June 16th. Click the link to see other ways to help and for more information. Our goal is to reach $100,000 and we can reach that figure with the help of everyone spreading the word. Help us make SSA Week a success!

Group Running Guide Survey

We are updating our Group Running Guide for the new generation of students. Dave and Ellen are hard at work putting in all the relevant information for its future and they could use your help! We need current and former student group leaders to offer us advice on what to include in the new Group Running Guide to help us stay up with the times. If you match this description, could you please take 10 minutes or so of your time to fill out the survey and help us update our Group Running Guide? If you could pass the survey along to other group leaders you're in contact with, it would be much appreciated.

We're also looking to update old group photos in the guide. Another way to help us improve the guide is to send us some of your group pictures or group logos used for branding.

Summer Group Activities

Just because the school year is over doesn't mean your group has to be in hiatus mode. In order to give your group a few ideas on how to stay active during the summer we dug up a few of our activity packets. Camp Quest is a great way to give back to the younger generation while also having fun doing outdoor activities. CQ is a network of camps for freethinking youth around the country. You can volunteer at CQ as a counselor or organizer. Your group can also go on a field trip or fruit picking.  Last but not least it is still not too late to start a team for the Light the Night Walk. A handy walkthrough on how to sign up can be found here. You can also ask Lyz to send your team fundraising materials to help start your efforts.

Group Photo of the Week

Members from Secular Student Alliance @ Ohio State University Tabling for Ask an Atheist Day.

Send us your photos!
New Leader?
No Longer a Leader?
Let us know!
SSA Leaderspace
Notice: Late registration pricing for our 2012 Annual Conference kicks off Monday June 18th. Register now by Sunday or pay the higher price!

The SSA annual leadership conference is in Columbus, OH from July 6-8.  This is a great opportunity to network with secular leaders from across the country, sharpen your leadership skills, improve your group, and have a ton of fun while you're at it.  There are even sessions specially tailored to advisers!  Find all the info you need here.

Shelly Segal is a singer-songwriter and a secular activist. She is having a tour around the country and would love to speak at  your campus during the fall. If interested, contact Nick and he will get you set up with her. Check here to see tour dates and areas.

Featured Service
Project Grants
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Featured Speaker
Cecil Bothwell
Ran and won a political office in North Carolina after repeated attempts by the Religious Right to enforce a law that prohibits non-Christians from holding office. He is a great speaker that can talk on a diverse range of topics.
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