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This Week: Group Summer Activities, SSA's 2012 Annual Conference, The Best Awards


This Week: Group Summer Activities, SSA's 2012 Annual Conference, The Best Awards

Group Summer Activities

Just because the school year is wrapping up for most of you doesn't mean your group has to be completely inactive. In order to give your group a few ideas on how to stay active during the summer we dug up a few of our activity packets. Camp Quest is a great way to give back to the younger generation while also having fun doing outdoor activities. CQ is a network of camps for freethinking youth around the country. You can volunteer at CQ as a counselor or organizer. Your group can also go on a field trip.  Last but not least it is not too late to start a team for the Light the Night Walk. A handy walkthrough on how to sign up can be found here. You can also ask Lyz to send your team fundraising materials to help start your efforts.

SSA's 2012 Annual Conference

Our annual conference is exactly two months away! We have a growing list of awesome speakers that you can see here. Registration for student members (see above) only costs $39. Housing rates are $54 for a single room and $21 for a shared room of 4. We're also accepting applications for Leadership Travel Aid (you are eligible for aid if you are a student member) to help you get there! Learn more at the conference website page and make it out July 6th!

The Best Awards

You still have until the end of the month to apply for the best awards. If you or your group displayed excellence in activism during the 2011-2012 school year we want to hear about it and reward you for it! Affiliate groups and individual activists can apply for recognition through our Best Awards. Applications are due 5/31. The winner will be announced and presented during our annual conference in July. To apply for one of the awards, click one of the following links:

Look at our awards page to see past winners and for further information.


Group Photo of the Week

Enterprise State Secular Student Alliance after a school relay race.

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SSA Leaderspace
Early bird pricing for the American Humanist Association conference has been extended to May 11! Don't wait until costs go up---register online now! The 71st Annual Conference of AHA will take place in New Orleans on June 7-10.
Join our Facebook Leaderspace group to keep in contact with other SSA affiliate leaders all across the country! This service is a great way to exchange advice with peers who have much of the same experience as you.
Australian author and blogger Edward Falzon is promoting his new satirical book, Women should Shut Up and Listen. He will be in the U.S. from July to February 2013 for a book tour. If you want him to come speak at your school, contact Nick. Check here to see if and when he will be in you area.

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