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This Week: Affiliation Renewals Deadline, 2012 SSA Conference Prep., Reason Rally Reports


This Week: Affiliation Renewals Deadline, 2012 SSA Conference Prep., Reason Rally Reports

Hey Everyone!

Whew! Finally back in the office after attending Reason Rally, American Atheists conference, and Rock Beyond Belief. It was fun, but I'm glad to be home so I can get back to planning the conference! This year's conference is going to be bigger and better than ever, so don't miss out! We're working on some really fun things for it, but if you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to let me know!

Keep on truckin'. We're here if you need us!

Reasonably yours,
Event Specialist
Secular Student Alliance

Affiliation Renewals Deadline

The deadline for the affiliation renewals are soon approaching! t-minusYou have until the end of Wednesday to fill out the form or else we will be forced to  start chasing groups down to find out why you have not filled them out. If you are on our outstanding affiliation renewals list, and many of you still are, you most likely didn't fill out an affiliation renewal form (it takes us a little while to update the list). If you already filled out a form congratulations! If not, hurry or you will not be spared from the hounding which will commence this Thursday.

2012 SSA Conference Prep.

July 6th, the day of our annual conference, will be here sooner than you think! We have a growing list of awesome speakers that you can see here. Registration for student members only costs $39 but you can get in free if you become a volunteer (email Sarah, our event specialist, for volunteer opportunities). Housing rates are $54 for a single room and $21 for a shared room of 4. Low on cash? Many campuses offer recognized campus groups general and special funding. Check your school's student life department (or other relevant dept.) to see if your group can receive funding for the conference! Also, we're accepting applications for Leadership Travel Aid (you are eligible for aid if you are a student member) to help you get there! Learn more at the conference website and make it out this July!

Reason Rally Reports

The Secular Student Alliance provided many project grants for reportReason Rally in March. If your group has received funding for the Reason Rally, don't forget to send in a report to Sam. Your report must include:
  • Your group and school name
  • A description of your project, including project dates.
  • A 400-700 word summary of the event or project. This summary should include how the funds were allocated and the benefit of the project to your group. (High event attendance, increases in membership, increased visibility, awards, and other results are all things we want to hear about!)
  • Copies of all fliers, advertisements, and other publicity with the Secular Student Alliance acknowledgment clearly visible.
  • Pictures: although not required, providing pictures is strongly encouraged for publication along with your report.

If your group arrived on the National Mall on March 24th without grants, we would still love it if you send us pictures!

New Leader?
No Longer a Leader?
Let us know!
SSA Leaderspace
Last second requests for National Ask-an-Atheist Day 2012 stickers. If you order them ASAP, we may still get them out to you in time. Also don't forget to order other tabling supplies for the day.
You can now buy SSA Visaprint stamps for your group. The cost is $10 per stamp. Go here to order!
The National SSA raised a whopping $310 (As of today) as part of their team effort for LTN Kickoff. If your team beats our amount your student group will win a pizza party on us! You must donate by April 15!

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Group Photo of the Week
Members from Millsaps Secular Society take a photo with the Jesus riding a dinosaur guy at the Reason Rally.

Send us your photos!

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