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This Week: AHA Conference, SB Funding Cap Raise, & Join SSA's FB Leaderspace


This Week: AHA Conference, Speaker's Bureau Funding Cap Raise, & Join SSA's Facebook Leaderspace

AHA Conference

The American Humanist Association is having their 71st Conference in New Orleans this year June 7th-10th. New Orleans is awesome and AHA is having their conference in the heart of the city near the French Quarter. We are offering scholarships to members of the SSA to attend! Remember to sign up for a student membership in order to be eligible!

Check the AHA website for more information on the conference including their HUGE list of speakers, their line up of events and possible accommodations with special conference rates. You must book your room by May 14th to receive the special conference rate.

Speaker's Bureau Funding Cap Raise

We're are raising Speaker's Bureau funding for next year! The current caps are $300 per event and up to $600 total per group every year. After some numbers crunching and meeting with our board we are planning to raise the Speakers Bureau funding caps to $400 per event and up to $800 per group a year. Hawaii and Alaska groups are exempt from these caps. 

The new caps go into effect for any events on or after July 1, 2012. You can start planning now for our awesome list of speakers to come visit your school and kick off your group festivities for next school year.

Join SSA's Facebook Leaderspace

One of the greatest services we offer is for our affiliates to get in contact with eachother which is why we started our Facebook Leaderspace group. Join today and keep in contact with other SSA affiliate leaders all across the country. This service is a great way to get advice from your peers who have had much of the same experiences as you. This is also a great way to get in touch with other officers from other groups to offer advice as well!

Group Photo of the Week

Members and sponsors from Wekiva Atheist and Secular Alliance (led by Daniel) under what appears to be an awesome backdrop of a Thomas Jefferson quote.

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SSA Leaderspace
May 3rd is the National Day of Reason! Check out the NDoR website to find events in your area. Also check out our activity packet for ideas on how to celebrate.
Join the new Secular Student Alliance Affiliates List on Facebook. Keep up with the latest news from fellow SSA affiliates!
 We're considering nominees for the Best Awards. Send in your application if you think you have what it takes to win. Applications are due May 31st. Check our website for more information.
Have you heard about the SSA's 2012 Annual Leadership Conference? Click the image to read about how you can experience the biggest atheist student conference in the world!

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