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This Week: NAP Scholarships, Student Membership, and Ask-an-Atheist Day!


This Week: NAP Scholarships, Student Membership, and Ask-an-Atheist Day!

Hi Everyone!

Well, let me tell you: the Reason Rally was amazing!!  I got to meet so many of our affiliate leaders and members, students interested in starting groups, and many, many others.  It really was a phenomenal event - just search Facebook or Twitter to see photos, watch videos and read articles about the event.

But despite Nick sharing his cold with the rest of the office, we haven't slowed down! (At least, not much!)  We've got scholarships, conference registrations, and a brand-spanking-new free membership program - join now!  This week is your last chance to order Ask-an-Atheist Day stickers.  And if you haven't renewed your group's affiliation yet (are you on the Outstanding Renewals List?), get to it!

Keep being awesome!


Director of Campus Organizing
Secular Student Alliance

NAP Scholarships

The Secular Student Alliance does not endorse the National Atheist Party

More money! The National Atheist Party has four new scholarships for secular students. The first is called Scholarships for our Secular Future and the second is Science Steps Forward Scholarships. The former scholarship is open to all secular students who can demonstrate their political activism and the latter is open to all secular students who have declared a major in research or applied sciences. Each scholarship is worth $1,000 and each have both a high school and college recipient. Find the applications here. The deadline for college students is November 1st 2012. The deadline for high school students is March 1st 2013. Also don't forget about the Freedom From Religion foundation scholarships for high school, college and college graduates. Finally, keep an eye out on our scholarships page as new scholarships are added as they turn up.

Student Membership

Student registration is here and over a thousand students have already signed up! Being a member provides these great amenities: 

  • Swag to display your membership
  • A membership card to carry with you
  • Discounts to our annual conference and other national events
  • Eligibility for Leadership Travel Aid to our annual conference and other national events
  • Eligibility for Project Grants for your next big project
  • Connection to the larger secular student movement via monthly email newsletters and opportunities
  • Voting rights in our annual election for our Board of Directors
  • Eligibility to run in our Board of Directors election

All high school or college students are eligible for student membership, and it's free! Go here and click the join now button at the bottom of the page and fill out the form. Or if you are a leader of an affiliate group you may email Lyz to get a custom google document assigned for the individual members of your group. Being a member of your local SSA affiliate group does not make you a member of the National SSA, so sign up or email Lyz to sign up your group today!

Ask-An-Atheist Day 2012!

Last chance to request free stickers for this. National Ask-an-Atheist Day 2012 is just a few short weeks away!  You still have time to order stickers, print up signs, and get a table ready to rock your campus along with hundreds of other secular students across the country.  Head over to our Ask an Atheist Day page to learn more, request materials, and make your event awesome! It's still not too late, order them today! Also check out our activity packets for great ideas on how to table for this event and how to set up a  panel. Order the stickers here.

New Leader?
No Longer a Leader?
Let us know!
SSA Leaderspace
About 30% of you have already turned in your affiliation renewal forms (yay!) but we want more! Go to our affiliation renewal page to fill out a form and keep your group affiliated!
LTN Walk
There's still time to hold a fundraiser for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light the Night Walk!  Check out our Light the Night resources and help us meet our 100 teams challenge! Register your team (student group) here.
Registration for the SSA 2012 Conference is now live, and we're accepting applications for Leadership Travel Aid funding to help you get there!  Learn more at the conference website!

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Group Photo of the Week

Members from Wayne State University SSA at the Reason Rally.

Send us your Reason Rally photos!

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