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This Week: Best Awards, National Day of Reason & Why You Should Attend the SSA Conference


This Week: Best Awards, National Day of Reason & Why You Should Attend the SSA Conference


So Ask an Atheist Day is close by and I was thinking while it is a nice gesture for us to put ourselves out there for questions and what not, the larger goal is always to build a conversation. We want reciprocal learning because while it is nice to let people know what atheists are, it is still not a good enough job. We have to learn about each other together and only when the level of mutual understanding rises can the world progress. Now, I know atheists have kicked butt in this area as well but everything can be improved. Peak at the Qur'an or the Gita, invite a Buddhist group to speak to your own or go to a church! Ultimately it can't hurt to learn about people's beliefs and by learning (in a less generalized way), we can put ourselves in the best position to truly heal the damage done.

Campus Organizing Assistant
Secular Student Alliance

The Best Awards 2012award

If you or your group displayed a fantastic example of activism during the 2011-2012 school year we want to hear about it and reward you for it! Affiliate groups and individual activists can apply for recognition through our annual Best Awards. Applications due 5/31. The winner will be announced and presented during our conference in July. Apply for one of the awards by clicking one of the following links:

Also look at our awards page for more information.

National Day of Reasonndop

The National Day of Reason is a counter to the National Day of Prayer. The NDOR was created by the American Humanist Association. The NDOP is a federal holiday started by Congress in 1952 and according to the law:

The President shall issue each year a proclamation designating the first Thursday in May as a National Day of Prayer on which the people of the United States may turn to God in prayer and meditation at churches, in groups, and as individuals.

The Constitutionality of the law has been challenged by the Freedom From Religion Foundation as they and other groups believe it asks government entities to set aside tax dollar supported resources to engage in religious ceremonies. You can find the National Day of Reason page on Facebook. You should also check out our Meta-Packet for great ideas on how to celebrate the NDOR.

Why You Should Attend the SSA Conferenceapple

This article was written by Drew Pruitt, a member of the Secular Student Alliance at UNLV.

It had never occurred to us to go the SSA national leadership conference. We knew about it - we'd been getting Lyz's emails for two years letting us know about it, but it never even came up as something to do. Our group is in Vegas, Ohio is a million miles away, and we all have our own summer plans. If it hadn't been for a personal email from Nick Stancato, letting us know he'd love to meet us and that he really wanted our group to be there, we would not have gone this year, either. And we would have had no clue what we'd been missing.

As it turns out, sending three of our leaders to this conference was the single best thing we've done for the group. There are a number of reasons the conference was fantastic - any one of the by itself make it worth going.


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The American Humanist Association is having their 71st Conference in New Orleans this year. New Orleans is an awesome city and AHA is an awesome organization so we are offering travel aid to members of the SSA to attend!
You can now buy SSA Visaprint stamps for your group. The cost is $10 per stamp. Go here to order!
Australian author, satirist and blogger Edward Falzon is promoting his new book, Women should Shut Up and Listen. He will be in the U.S. in June  for a book tour. If you want him to come speak at your school, contact Nick. Check here to see if and when he will be in you area.

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Group Photo of the Week
The Fellowship of Non-Religious Students of Indiana State University at the Reason Rally.

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