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This Week: Our New Office, Fighting Creationism and Secular Jobs!


This Week: Our New Office, Fighting Creationism and Secular Jobs!

Hello All!

So we packed everything up and moved a ton of boxes last week. Then we decided that since we're looking at new walls, we'd give you all a new view with a brand-new This Week template! 

We have a short message today, but there's a lot here for you and your group to do. - including (over in that right-hand sidebar) a few reminders of opportunities and upcoming events. There are also several secular jobs available if you're feeling ambitious.

If you need anything like tabling supplies, speaker planning, event advice, or Mass Effect 3 discussion, please feel free to contact me!

With Freethought,

Our New Office

New OfficeWe are so excited to have moved to our new office! Our new address is:

1550 Old Henderson Rd.
Suite S150
Columbus OH 43220

Mail sent to our old address will be forwarded to our new location. Or, you can always mail things to our PO box address: PO Box 2371, Columbus, OH 43216.
If you're coming through Columbus and would like to visit our offices, please let us know!  We're happy to meet you and have coffee or lunch.

Help Fight Creationism in Louisiana

Zack Kopplin led the charge against Louisiana's anti-science law (the Louisiana Science Education Act) and its anti-evolution policies. Zack created a facebook page called Online Day of Action to Repeal Louisiana's Creationism Law in an effort to mobilize public support and put pressure on the lawmakers who introduced the law. The law allows school boards within the state to approve of classroom material critical of evolution and global warming, among other things, under the guise of fostering critical thinking.

Louisiana lawmakers are now working to challenge this law, and you can help!  You can help improve schools in Louisiana by liking the Facebook page or following the Twitter equivalent. Sign the petition and if you live in Louisiana, meet or call your state legislature urging them to support Senator Karen Peterson's SB 374. Finally, you can keep up to date with all the shenanigans with their website.

Open Jobs in the Secular Movement

Two new director positions in the secular movement!  One position is at the Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) and the other is for the Evolution Institute. The Evolution Institute has just recently received 501(c)(3) status and is looking for an executive director to accelerate their growth. The Interfaith Youth Core is looking for a Director of Campaign Operations - a senior hire to direct the entire field operation of the Better Together campaign. The application for IFYC is due March 31st. More information can be found here. The application for Evolution Institute is due May 1st. More information can be found here.
Don't forget that there are several other open positions in the secular movement, and you can check them all out at our jobs page.  In particular, now's the time to apply for our full-time Regional Campus Organizer position and our two paid summer internships: applications for all positions are due March 20!
New Leader?
No Longer a Leader?
Let us know!
SSA Leaderspace

Registration is now live, and we're accepting applications for Leadership Travel Aid funding!  Learn more at the conference website!

There is a short film competition for the Atheist Film Festival in SanFran. Send in your thought provoking films. Check here for the details. Grand prize gets $250. There is an entry fee of $25 and submission deadline is June 30th.

Australian author and blogger Edward Falzon is promoting his new book, Women should Shut Up and Listen. He will be invading the U.S. in June to for a book tour you all can have a part in. Contact Nick if your group is interested in having him stop by your school to talk during his book tour. Check here to see when he will be in you area.

Group Photo of the Week

  Members from the Secular Student Alliance at Mesa Community College get de-baptized.

Send us your photos!

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