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This Week: Internships, Scholarships and Grants

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This Week: Internships, Scholarships and Grants
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Center For Inquiry Summer Internships

Freedom From Religion Foundation Scholarships

SSA Reason Rally Grants

NoticeSSA has discontinued Reason Rally bus codes. But if you are affiliated you may still apply for a project grant.

Australian author and blogger Edward Falzon is promoting his new book, Women should Shut Up and Listen. He will be invading the U.S. in June to for a book tour you all can have a part in. Contact Nick (nick@secularstudents.org) if your group is interested in having him stop by your school to talk during his book tour. Check here to see when he will be in you area.

There is a short film competition for the Atheist Film Festival in SanFran. Send in your thought provoking films. Check here for the details. Grand prize gets $250. There is an entry fee of $25 and submission deadline is June 30th.

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Hey Folks,

Wow, what an exciting week filled with opportunities! Whenever I talk to students, I always get asked, "How did you get a job in the movement?" My response? "I applied!" This is the perfect time to try to get involved in the movement, with summer internships and other jobs opening up. I also can't believe that in less than a month, we'll be at the Reason Rally! I can't think of anything I'm more excited for this year! This is not an annual event, this is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing! We've got some ways to help you get there in case you don't already have plans for the greatest gathering of atheists ever. Hope to see you there!

Reasonably yours,

Center For Inquiry Summer Internships

Opportunities to break into the secular movement just keep coming up. This year, CFI is providing two student cfiinternships at CFI-Transnational in Amherst, NY during the summer. There is a $165 a week stipend and housing is provided. The interns will be trained in campus outreach, grassroots organizing, event planning and management, and other skills useful in non-profit advocacy. Specific projects depend on the interns' interests and experience but may include: developing new online campus organizing resources, producing audio and video materials, and designing new CFI On Campus promotional materials. The tentative dates for the internship are May 14th-August 3rd. Applications are due April 2nd.
For more information check out their announcements page or email CFI at oncampus@centerforinquiry.net. Finally keep up with our jobs page as new opportunities to increase your professional finesse are added constantly.

Freedom From Religion Foundation Scholarships

Freedom From Religion Foundation has finally released details of their scholarships to us! There are ffrfthree different scholarships: one for high school students (due June 1st), one for college students 25 years or older (due June 15th), and finally one for college students under 25 (also due June 15th). All applicants must submit an essay on a specific topic. Winnings range from $3,000-$200 for each scholarship type and but there is no specific limit to how many could win (honorable mentions are awarded $200). If you are college bound in the fall apply for the free money!

Check our scholarships page to see if there are any new scholarships floating about for non-theistic students.

SSA Reason Rally Grants

So our request list for Reason Rally bus discount codes have exploded and we're all very excited about that, but grant requests for Reason Rally have been a bit underwhelming. You still have plenty of time to apply for a grant and we will be happy to help members of your group join us in D.C. March 23rd. Remember that grant requests for the Reason Rally are capped at $250. Also keep in mind if your group has been given funding before but has yet to return their event report, they will not be given any further funding.


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