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This Week: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

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This Week: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
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Day of Solidarity

Choosing an Advisor

Help The Leukemia & Lymphoma and The Foundation Beyond Belief Light the Night! We've been presented with a $500,000 matching offer which we could easily tackle if we work together. Let's pull together to help fight blood cancer!

You have just under 48 hours to vote for your favorite Ten Point Vision video. Make sure the winner deserves it!

Send in your best group photos to organizers@secularstudents.org to be featured in the This Week. Please note people in the photo need to be aware and okay that their image will be accessible to the public.

Our 50% discount bus code for Reason Rally offer is still standing. Send in the request before this opportunity passes by! Non-students are eligible for the discount as well! Also keep in mind that SSA will provide funding for affiliates traveling to the Reason Rally if they fulfill a grant request.

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Group Photo of the Weekgodless sex
Secular Students at Collin College tabling with the Gay-Straight Alliance for safe sex.

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I heard you like getting paid for doing what you're passionate about.  Well, the atheist movement is growing.

and growing

and growing

That means more and more people are about to start getting paid to advance the cause of secularism.  People like you. So we got you these jobs.  The SSA is hiring a couple of interns for the Summer and hiring a full-time regional coordinator.

Also, we're smack dab in the middle of Black History month, which means it's time for Day of Solidarity.  It will be this coming Sunday, February 26. There's still time to scramble up an event and the SSA is willing to help.

Lastly, one of the biggest problems facing groups is how to find an advisor.  Worry not!  Group starting specialist Andy Cheadle has taken a break from training to be the Ultimate Fighting Champion to fill you in on how to conquer that problem.

This semester is off to a positively roaring start.  We have new groups affiliating every day!  It is so much freaking fun to be in this movement right now with all of you guys.  Keep up the good work.


SSA's job's page is bustling with new opportunities for non-theists ready to build a career in the movement. Wejobs are hiring two paid interns for the summer! One internship is writing and the other is a design internship. If you are graduating this year, check our 2012 intern page to see if you have what it takes to be a part of the team! We are also hiring a Regional Campus Organizer to provide more direct campus organizing asistance to SSA affiliate groups focusing on specific areas. Check out more information at the RCO page. Good luck!

Day of Solidarity

The Day of Solidarity is this Sunday, February 26th. Last chance to put on an event with your group as part of Black History Month. Check here for our activity packet on the matter.

"The idea of a Day of Solidarity occurred as a result of me pondering Black History Month with more focus on black free thinkers and non-believers. I felt that an effort should be given to assemble black non-believers in our local towns and cities eliminating the need for expensive travel. I visualized a special day of observance ... to promote fellowship, share experiences, meet new non-believers, and discuss the lives of black non-believers that our typical history books omit... - Donald Wright"

"Like" the Day of Solidarity event page on Facebook and check out African American Humanists' new media campaign here.

Choosing an Advisor

The following article was written by Andy Cheadle.

A few weeks ago I discussed how to find a focus area for your group. I hope that you’ve all taken that seriouslywinners and at least had a discussion about what your group’s goals should be for this year. Even this quarter/semester would be a good start! When finding a faculty adviser, this conversation is important. Each group will need and want something different out of their adviser. Where one group might expect their adviser to attend weekly meetings and events, another group may only want their adviser to show up for required or important functions. These decisions are best left up to you and your individual members....


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