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This Week: Day of Solidarity & More Reason Rally Updates

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This Week: Day of Solidarity & More Reason Rally Updates
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Day of Solidarity

Reason Rally Bus Codes

Reason Rally Lodging

The band "Words Such As Burn" decided to donate proceeds of their songs to SSA. 100% of the proceeds from their single, Flow, go to the SSA. 55% of the proceeds from album sales go to SSA. Check them out on Facebook!

The Richard Dawkins Foundation's "Ten Point Vision of a Secular America" contest has reached the finalist stage. You can check out the 10 finalists here and vote for your favorite one. The winner gets free plane tickets to D.C. during the reasonrally and dinner with Richard Dawkins. The winner is based on popular vote.

We have new banners! As long as you are an affiliate of the SSA, you can order the banner with our updated logo here for free! If you aren't affiliated check out our affiliate program here. Non-affiliates can buy the banners here.

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Hi Guys!

So I was reading a NYT article on Black Atheism and found an interesting quote from Neil deGrasse Tyson. On being asked whether he was an atheist or not by a twitter follower he replied, "Labels are mentally lazy ways by which people assert they know you without knowing you." While labels can become a touchy subject, I do feel this response was somewhat of a cop out.

What is the more likely reason he didn't give a definitive answer? Was it because there was no perfect word to accurately describe him or because of the controversial nature of the subject? This is why it is important for there to be events like the Day of Solidarity, Darwin Day and the Reason Rally so that people can not only be honest about who they are, but not be ashamed.



Day of Solidarity

The Day of Solidarity was started by Donald Wright, the Vice President of Humanists of Houston as an annual gathering for people, with special handemphasis in the black community, who choose not to participate or adhere to a religious lifestyle. The date is set for every 4th Sunday of February purposely as part of Black History Month.
Check out our newly added activity packet for the day. "Like" the Day of Solidarity event page on Facebook. Also check out African American Humanists' new media campaign here.

Reason Rally Bus Codes

Need help getting to the Reason Rally this March? Now you can get a bus50% discount on the Reason Rally DC Rally Bus! Students and non-students are both eligible for this great offer. Make sure there's a bus in your area (i.e., relatively close to the D.C. area) , then complete this form and a code will be emailed to you shortly.

Need more funding for Reason Rally? Don't worry, as long as your group is affiliated it can apply for project grants to help pay for the trip. Check out our Reason Rally page for all the info.

Learn more about the Reason Rally at ReasonRally.com.

Reason Rally Lodging

We've added a little lodging info to our Reason Rally page. Several hotels are offering discounted rooms to Reason Rally attendees.  Check out the Reason Rally's lodging page by clicking the link above or check out this short list of hostels in the D.C. area near the national mall. Hostels are beautifully cheap, at least compared to hotels.


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