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This Week: Group Running Guide, Holiday Planning, and Thanksgiving Break


Getting a Group Running Guide

 If you aren't the original founder of your group (or even if you are), it's very possible that your Group Running Guide has been misplaced or lost. That's okay, we can send you a new one for free! Or if you feel like being eco-friendly, you can download a .PDF copy of it.

  Even if you're a veteran group leader, the Group Running Guide can really come in handy. It has tips on getting people to come to meetings, how to advertise effectively, and lots of great group activity ideas. It's worth a perusal, as many of the tips on how to run a secular student group can be applicable to other leadership situations in life!


Holiday Planning

The holidays can be a tricky time for non-theists, whether you're open about your nontheism or not. There was a recent conversation on our Facebook Leaderspace page about what to do with your group to celebrate the holidays (if you aren't already a member of that group, just request to be added!). There were some pretty good ideas, including inviting a speaker in, community service, or a "Create Your Own Holiday" party. If you have any suggestions, add them!

  There's also the problem of dealing with family members who may not be entirely supportive of nontheism. It may be a good time to have a meeting with your group, talking about the best times and ways to "come out" to family, and also to lend sympathetic ears for people with disapproving family members.

Thanksgiving Break

Like most of your schools, the SSA national staff office will be taking a break for Thanksgiving. Most of our will be out of office or out of town, so emails and phone calls (or requests for tabling supplies) may not get responded to promptly.

Group Photo of the Week

The Illini Secular Student Alliance hosts a Hug an Atheist Event

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