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This Week: Fall 2012 Affiliation Renewals, Project Grants, 2013 SSA Annual Conference Student Speakers


Fall 2012 Affiliation Renewals

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The Fall 2012 Affiliation Renewal is happening right now!  All leaders and advisors should have gotten an email about this required form.  We need each and every SSA affiliate group to renew, so lend us 15 minutes to get your affiliation renewed.  Learn more, check outstanding groups, use the FAQ, complete the renewal form and more at www.secularstudents.org/renewal.

Project Grants

Who wants money for group projects? Use project grants to take your group on an excursion to freethought conferences, collaborate with other groups to help run an event or simply to make custom club  t-shirts. Alls you have to do is go to our grant page and fill out the form at the bottom. We will get back to you with further details.

Make sure your group is eligible! Your group must have a constitution and a bank account to receive this funding. We can help you with any to these requirements or any other questions you may have. Just contact us!

This year's Skepticon is coming fast! If your group is interested in receiving travel funding for this event, make sure to fill out a project grant application by the end of this week!

2013 SSA Annual Conference Student Speakers

Next year's conference is a wee bit away, but you can be part of the magic now!  We are taking applications from any student who is interested in speaking to their peers and helping out the student movement. We have a list of topics to choose from, but you can also suggest your own if you think it belongs at our conference. Simply fill out this form:


There are no requirements other than being a student in the U.S. Let Nick know if you have any questions!

Group Photo of the Week

Members from the Atheist Student Organization at University of Texas - Pan American welcoming new members at their Great Godless Gathering – Reprise event..

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Missed the SSA's Annual Conference? Didn't get to see all the talks? We're constantly posting new videos to our YouTube Channel, so you can check them out! This latest video comes from Derek Miller speaking on the perception of atheists in American society.
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Secular Student Alliance of Mercersburg
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Featured Service
Project Grants
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Featured Speaker
Nate Phelps
Nate Phelps is the son of Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church. He escaped the Church himself when he turned 18 and has dedicated his life to helping others in similar situations. Nate is on the board of directors of Recovering from Religion and the Executive Director of the Centre for Inquiry Canada in Calgary, Alberta. He can speak on growing up in a cult, LGBT rights and other issues.
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