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This Week: Faitheist Resource, Gmail Account Advantages, Custom Facebook URLs


Faitheist Resource

Our friends at the Interfaith Youth Core have been working hard to get more nontheistic students involved in interfaith collaborations.  To capitalize on the discussions sure to follow the new book Faitheist by atheist interfaith pioneer Chris Stedman, IFYC has created a new fantastic resource: “From Story to Action.”  Its purpose is both to help nontheistic students engage with interfaith programs, and also to help interfaith programs better reach out to nontheistic students.  

If you, your affiliate group, or any members of your group are interested in getting involved with interfaith programs on your campus, be sure to check out “From Story to Action.”  You might also be interested in the interfaith page at the SSA website, which has several different perspectives on nontheistic participation in interfaith, as well as ways to get involved, special considerations, and other interfaith organizations.

Gmail Account Advantages

Some of you use our forwarding service and depend on us to update the emails assigned to it. Well now you don't have to wait! If you use Gmail, you can manage your group forward firsthand by personally adding and removing members to it on your own time. In order to activate this feature, simply email a campus organizer and give them your Gmail address, or fill out a forward request. After your new manager role is confirmed, you can start adding new members to your group forward. This feature is highly recommended because it is the most efficient way to update your group forward. To learn more about Gmail advantages, visit our forwards page.

Custom Facebook URLs

If you are using Facebook as your group's main web presence, and many of you are, consider creating a custom URL. The custom URL option is available for both Facebook pages and groups. To create a custom URL in your group or page all you have to do is set up an email for the page or group. We highly encourage the use of group/page email even if you never use it. Creating a group email will provide a custom URL and will help people searching for the group find it easily. A tutorial on how to create a group email can found here.

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Members from the SSA at University of California - Irvine.

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