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This Week: Affiliation Renewal Deadline, Darwin Day Early Planning, Secular Coalition Seeks Development Manager


Affiliation Renewal Deadlinet-minus

The deadline for the affiliation renewal is upon us! You have until the end of today to fill out the form if you haven't already or else we will be forced to start chasing groups down to find out what happened. Check to see if you are on our outstanding affiliation renewals list and if so, please fill out an affiliation renewal form. For those of your who already filled out a form - congratulations! If you have not, you will be getting a lot more calls, emails etc. from us until we know what your group's official status is. Don't wait, fill out the form now!

Darwin Day Early Planning

February 12th, 2013 is Darwin Day - this is a great time to celebrate science, life, and one of the greatest scientific minds of all time. You can also use the day as an excuse to throw huge events for your group and to share the appreciation!
Planning early for the event is the key to running a successful one.  Check out our Darwin Day Activity Packet - it'll help you plan the festivities with ideas for all kinds of events.  Many speakers get booked up fast around Darwin Day, so start working with Nick now if you're planning to find someone through the SSA Speakers Bureau.
We're here to help with whatever you may have planned for the day.  Check out our resources and contact us if you need any hands-on assistance with your event!

Secular Coalition Seeks Development Manager

The Secular Coalition for America, the national lobby representing secular Americans, including atheists, agnostics, and humanists, is seeking a Development Manager.  Under the direction of the Chief of Staff, the Development Manager is in charge of crafting strategies that regularly expand fundraising success, and offering strategic leadership in development.  The Development Manager will also maintain the fundraising infrastructure of the organization, including managing donor databases, drafting appeal letters and promotional materials, and ensuring the timely follow-up with donors and potential donors.

The Secular Coalition for America, a non-profit corporation, is an equal opportunity employer.  Salary is commensurate with experience.  Benefits package includes generous paid time off, health insurance, retirement contribution matching, and life and disability insurance. To apply, email resume AND cover letter tojobs@secular.org.  They don't want any phone calls.

For more information on this job, visit the SCA website. As always, to find the latest jobs in the secular movement go to our jobs page.

Group Photo of the Week

Members from Scent of Reality: An Affiliate of the Secular Student Alliance at United World College.

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