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This Week: Semester Break Edition

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This Week: Semester Break Edition
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New Internship from Secular Coalition of America

New Speaker Bureau Members

Reason Rally 2012

To keep your group strong, you must plan ahead. Start thinking about who you'd like to pass the torch of leadership to for next year. Also make sure to familiarize yourself with our activity packet for tabling.

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Hi guys,
We have tons of things to help you get ready for your new semester. I'm sure you're all off still relaxing your break away but it is never too early to start thinking about or preparing for new events and goals for your group. Check the side bar for these things.
Let's start the New Year strong!

New Internship from Secular Coalition of America

Interested in working in Washington D.C., the intern capital of the world? SCA has two paid positions during summer of this year. The twelve week internship starts May 29th and applications are due March 2nd.dc

D.C. has many opportunities to network and opportunities to jump start a career especially for new interns. Take advantage of opportunities like this because you never know where they will lead you but you can be pretty sure that the pay-off will be very high if you have the determination.

The application can be found here.

New Speaker Burueau Members

Check out our awesome new list of SB members available to our publicaffiliates!

Get a chuckle in with Keith Lowell Jensen. Learn about evangelicals and their megachurches with Katherine Stewart. Invite popular youtube Atheist Aron Ra. Get intellectually stimulated with Wesley Cray. Get a lecture on humanism with Ian Bushfield. Learn about law and the secular foundation of America with Andrew Seidel.

Our SB page is updated constantly so check back often to see if any changes were made.

Reason Rally 2012

Reason Rally, the largest gathering of the secular movement, is on March 24th! Come join the spectacular awesomeness that is full of big names and equally big purpose. Meet the diverse group of members from this fast growing movement and be empowered. Plan ahead to make sure you make it to the rally. There is a a rally bus that will shuttle you to and fro if you sign up early enough and are in states relatively close to the D.C. area.

Also On March 23rd theSecular Coalition of America is hosting Lobby Day. The event will teach you the basics on how to lobby to members of Congress the important issues that are important to you.

Check out these videos from Sarah Moglia, our own event specialist and August Brunsman, the executive director of SSA on why you should attend the Reason Rally.


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