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This Week: Back to School for Quarter Terms

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This Week: Back to School for Quarter Terms
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Back To School For Quarter Terms

New Speaker Bureau Members

Keep Leadership Up-to-Date

Reason Rally, the largest gathering of the secular movement, is on March 24th! Also On March 23rd theSecular Coalition of America is hosting Lobby Day. The event will teach you the basics on how to lobby to members of Congress the important issues that are important to you. Check out these videos from Sarah Moglia and August Brunsman on why you should attend Reason Rally.

The Secular Coalition of America is offering summer intern positions in D.C. Best of all, these are paid positions! If you're interested applications are due March 2nd.

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Woot! Back to School Already!

It's time to get back into gear and hit the ground running continuing the goal to make a strong group presence at your respective campuses. It is an honor to use your campus in order to give other students the opportunity for community and fellowship.

Let's start this New Year strong!

Back to School for Quarter Terms

January recruitment is here! Look for an activity fair where you can rtable (and you can request tabling supplies from the SSA for free). You can also do a flyer campaign and really post your group's name everywhere. And look! We even have lots of premade flyers available on our website!

Never tabled before? Never fear! We've put together an activity packet for tabling, detailing all you need to know to successfully get your name out there.


New Speaker Burueau Members

Check out our awesome new list of SB members available to our publicaffiliates!

Get a chuckle in with Keith Lowell Jensen. Learn about evangelicals and their megachurches with Katherine Stewart. Invite popular youtube Atheist Aron Ra. Get intellectually stimulated with Wesley Cray. Get a lecture on humanism with Ian Bushfield. Learn about law and the secular foundation of America with Andrew Seidel.

Our SB page is updated constantly so check back often to see if any changes were made.

Keep Leadership Up-to-Date

In-between terms is a common time for a group's leadership to change, but we have no way of knowing unless you tell us! If something comes up, we need to be able to contact you - whether it be about speaker opportunities, cool events, group requirements, free stuff, or if something else comes up we can't quite predict at the moment.

Make sure you tell us if your group's leadership has changed - big or small.  We appreciate it!


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