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This Week: Back to School Week

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This Week: Back to School Week
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Back to School Week

Darwin Day

U.S. House Grading From Secular Coalition

Do you have a question, any question for the campus organizing team? Join us for during a live chat session to answer your questions! Before we announce the date(s) we need to know when you are available to chat. Please fill out the information in the doodle poll (it should take about two seconds) so we can find out when most of you are available.

Ask an Atheist Day event is on Facebook! Show your support by joining the event and inviting friends!

We've updated out products on Cafe Press. Now you can buy cool gear with our new logo attached! Woot!

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Hey folks!
Hope you enjoyed your winter break! We've been in the office all month, hoping to get you prepared for the spring semester! We're also excited to mention that plans for Darwin Day 2012 have begun, so don't forget to start planning for that-- February will be here so soon! We've got some exciting announcements coming up in the next few weeks as well, so be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled! If you really want to start your semester off with a bang, don't hesitate to email us and ask us for help! Let's make this semester a great one. :)
Reasonably yours,


Back to School Week

Spring Semester is finally here and now all of you are back in school!books
Start the semester strong by looking for an activity fair where you can table. SSA provides free tabling supplies for your group. You can also do a flyer campaign around campus. Just please abide by your campus' flyer policies when doing so. We have tons of premade flyers available on our website for you to choose from.

Also look at our activity packet for tabling, detailing all you need to know to successfully get your name out there and encourage fellow students to join your group.

Darwin Day

Darwin is one of the great emancipators of the mind. I like to see him asmonkies the one who struck the final nail in the coffin of the God explanation. Insofar that he forever changed the world for the better, directing science (and therefore the mass consciousness) in the right direction, we ought to celebrate his life and accomplishments.

Darwin Day is February 12th, in just a few more weeks. You can see if the International Darwin Day Foundation has any events close to your area by clicking here. Also check out our Darwin Day metapacket for ideas if your group wants to put on their own event.

U.S. House Grading From Secular Coalition

The Secular Coalition for America has released the 2011 report card for members of Congress and from their perspective, House member grades are abysmally low. They rated each member of Congress according to how they voted on seven church/state pieces of legislation (or amendments). Feel free to use this information for voting, lobbying etc. We pay these people to represent us after all, so they might as well do their job.
You can check out the report card, how they calculated the results and other specifics here.


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