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This Week: Campus Organizer Live Chat Session Debut

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This Week: Campus Organizer Live Chat Session Debut
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CO Live Chat Session Debut

AA Founders' Scholarship Deadline

SCA Lobby Day

Travel Grants are now being renamed Leadership Travel Aid! SSA provides affiliates three types of financial support. Project grants are for funding events and traveling to non-SSA operated events. Speakers Bureau Funding is for helping bring speakers from the SB to your group's campus. The newly named leadership travel aid is to help bring student leaders to SSA ran events.

Ask an Atheist Day is April 19th, a few months away, but it will come sooner than you think! Check out our page to get some ideas on what to plan for. Also don't forget to order free stickers for this wondrous occasion!

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Hi, everyone!

Those of you on quarter terms have hopefully settled in by now, and the rest of you should be gearing up to get started!

We're trying out a new program this spring, since the webinars weren't working out as well as we had hoped.  So we'll be trying Campus Organizer Live Chat Sessions - free Q&A sessions where we'll answer anything you have to throw at us.  Right now, though, we need your schedules, so take a moment to fill out the quick survey and let us know what times work for you.

We also have some great opportunities: the American Atheists Founders Scholarship deadline is January 31, so read up and put in your application today!  And we're excited to be a part of the Secular Coalition for America's Lobby Day in conjunction with the Reason Rally in March - join us!

Coming up soon: Darwin Day (Feb. 12) and Ask-an-Atheist Day (Apr. 19) so get your planning caps on and hold some great events.  (And then send us your pictures!)

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need anything, and keep up the great work!


CO Live Chat Session Debut

The Campus Organizing Team is planning to start regularly scheduled chatmonthly live chat sessions in the afternoon to answer all your questions! But first we need to know when everyone is available to chat. We set up a Doodle® Pool in order to get a feel of when most of you will have a little time to throw a question or two at us. The sessions are to be 2 hours long to give a little wiggle room.

AA Founders' Scholarship Deadline

The American Atheists Founder's Scholarship deadline is quickly approaching. If you've performed outstanding activism for atheism in themoney past this scholarship is for you. Perhaps you've done something that has garnered interest in the press or changed the perception of atheists at your college or at large? If so, you should fill out their application and send it in. The reward is $2,000 for first place and $1,000 for each runner up. The Founder's scholarship is open to students currently enrolled in a university and to high school seniors who will be attending college next year.

For more information check out the American Atheists scholarship webpage.

SCA Lobby Day

Amanda Knief may not be on our Speakers Bureau anymore but that doesn't mean you won't have opportunities to learn from the one and only lobbyist representing non-theist issues. On March 23rd, the day before Reason Rally, The Secular Coalition of America is set to host Lobby Day for Reason. A day where you can learn the skills on how to directly lobby to your Representatives the issues that are important to us.
To learn more and to register for the event click here.


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