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This Week: 9/11 Media, Leadership, and Banned Books!

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This Week: 9/11 Media, Leadership, and Banned Books!
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Media Opportunity! Tell us your 9/11 plans!

Upcoming Leadership Events Update

Banned Books Week: Ideas to Support Free Expression

International Blasphemy Rights Day is September 30th. Protect free expression with these great ideas from CFI On Campus!

The Freedom From Religion Foundation's National Convention will be held in Hartford, CT from October 7-9, 2011. If you're in New England, this is a great event with great speakers - check it out!

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Hi, everyone!

Sorry you have to hear from me two weeks in a row, but your usual Campus Organizers have all gone to Dragon*Con to represent the SSA! Furthermore, today is Labor Day - so while we've mastered the technology to automatically send you this email, there isn't anyone in the office to answer your phone calls or emails. But don't panic! We'll be back tomorrow to keep giving you the support and services we always do.

I'm hearing lots of great things about your kick-off events and first meetings. Keep up the great work, everyone, and don't be afraid to ask us for help or ideas if you're stumped. I'm super-impressed with what we're seeing so far this year - it's going to be great!


Media Opportunity! Tell us your 9/11 plans!

Hey, everyone! We have a special media opportunity here in the SSA office to tell reporters about your group's plans for the 10th anniversary of September 11, 2001. If you have a neat project in the works - a service project, a day of remembrance, plans to raise awareness of worldview plurality - we'd love to hear about it. It's a great way to share your ideas, and often get some really amazing media coverage of your group. Email Jesse@secularstudents.org with your plans!

Upcoming Leadership Events Update

The SSA has three very exciting leadership events all in the works, and we just want to remind everyone so you don't miss out!


First, we've launched our official Webinar Series last week with "How the SSA Can Help Your Group," and it went swimmingly! Our next webinar will be held the second week of September. Join our Event Specialist Sarah Moglia to learn how you can promote your events. You can learn more about these at our website at www.secularstudents.org/webinar. We'll have a complete semester-long schedule up soon!


We're also hosting two Leadership Tracks in October. First up is the Leadership Track at the Texas Freethought Convention in Houston, October 7-9. Visit the site for more info, including housing, speakers, and travel grants!

Just two weeks after that, we'll be in Sacramento, CA holding leadership events at the Sacramento Freethought Day on October 23. We're still finalizing details of speakers, but we'll be posting it all at the SFD Leadership Track site.

Banned Books Week: Ideas to Support Free Expression

For centuries, individuals in power have sought to control people by depriving them of information. In the present day, that trend continues as conservatives and other groups attempt to ban books from school and public libraries. You can help celebrate and protect our freedom of expression and our right to information by holding an event during Banned Books Week, September 24 - October 1.

Some ideas for possible activities:

  • Create a Virtual Read-Out video and submit it ot the national Banned Books Week project.
  • Hold a Read Banned Books for Charity event with the proceeds supporting a local public library (based on our similar activity packet)
  • Set up a table with signs and copies of commonly or recently banned books and raise awareness of censorship and freedom of expression
  • Work with a local school or library to hold events with readings from banned books.
  • Run a flyer/chalking campaign featuring examples of banned books through history.

We're happy to help you with any Banned Books Week project you come up with, or just to hear what you have in mind. So let us know what you've got up your sleeves so we can spread the word!

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