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This Week: Moar Dawkins, Moar Webinars, Moar AWESOME!

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This Week: Moar Dawkins, Moar Webinars, Moar AWESOME!
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Nom down with Richard Dawkins at TFC!


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Good morning, godless Angels!

JT here!  It's my turn again this week to deliver tidbits of activist wisdom and non-believing news to your inbox.  First piece of news: we'd like to buy you and Richard Dawkins breakfast at the 2011 Texas Freethought Convention.  No thanks necessary, you and Professor Dawkins have earned it.

However, we need to give all our student leaders a big thank you for making our webinar series so successful!  Because of demand, our illustrious Director of Campus Organizing will be adding an encore presentation of our very first webinar, What The SSA Can Do For Your Group, to the webinar schedule.

Lastly, we want you to get into events cheaper.  We also want to afford you the chance to take greater ownership of the national SSA by voting in our board elections and what not.  Joining the national SSA is a great way to do both!

You guys are the best.  We're all going to change our little patches of the planet for the better this semester!  In doing so, we will change the world, and man, is it ever gonna be fun!  Here's to a great semester moving forward!

Party on!


JT Eberhard
High School Specialist
Secular Student Alliance

Nom down with Richard Dawkins at TFC!

It never stops, does it?  First we got students a 61% discount on the tickets to the Texas Freethought Convention.  Epic.

Then we arranged for a game room and a students-only two-hour long gaming and get-to-know-you session with PZ Myers, giving students bonus programming beyond the main conference.  Smart.

We thought about resting on our laurels, but that would be boring.  So we've gone ahead and arranged an exclusive breakfast with Richard Dawkins for those registering with an SSA discount code!  We didn't think you guys would mind.  Oh, and don't worry about saving any extra money, this one's on us.

Who loves ya?


On Tuesday, September 27th, Director of Campus Organizing Lyz Liddell will be giving a webinar presentation on how to Delegate Like a Boss.  Of course, we're all one-man/woman armies - each of us a veritable Rambo of secularism.  But, as Lyz will show, we can be so much more effective leading an army than just being one ourselves.  The webinar is free, but you'll need to register.

And due to the success of our first webinar, What the SSA Can Do For Your Group, we will be giving an encore of it the night of Tuesday, October 4th.  Don't forget to register for it!

For a full list of our webinar schedule or to download slides from past webinars, click here.

Become a Member of SSA National!

Support from the SSA is always free for our groups, but there is a long list of perks for individuals who become official members of the national SSA. Not only does this give you the power to vote in our board elections, but it also allows you to get sweet deals on many events involving the SSA.  For instance, student members of the national SSA can get a ticket to the 2011 Texas Freethought Convention (along with all the additional SSA programming, including the Richard Dawkins breakfast) for $59 instead of the normal price of $150!

The normal cost of an annual membership is $35, but we give them to students for free. We ask not only that you consider becoming a member, but that you encourage the members of your affiliate group to consider joining as well.  It's a great way to become part of something larger than your campus group. 

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