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This Week: Back to School for Quarter-term Schools!

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This Week: Back To School!
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Gearing up for the School Year

Take Us To Your Leaders!

Meet the SSA Campus Organizing Team

The SSA will be holding Leadership Tracks at the Texas Freethought Convention and the Sacramento Freethought Day! If you're in the area, join us for great leadership training and fun!

We're holding webinars every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month to help give you better hands-on leadership training without the time or financial commitment of a full conference. Check them out on our website!

Missed the SSA's Annual Conference? We're posting the videos to our YouTube Channel so you can check them out!

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Hi, gang!

We've kicked the semester students out of the nest: they're off and running with their school year. But the quarter term is just getting started for many of you, so let's get things rolling for an awesome year! We've filled this message with stuff you can use to plan, start, and execute a whole school year of great events and programs. What's more - if you have any questions, we have more campus organizers than ever to help answer your questions and shoot your troubles. So get out there and do awesome work. We've got your back.


Gearing up for the School Year!

The SSA has tons of services and resources available to help your group. (Check them all out!) But there are a few that we want to make sure you're aware of as you plan your quarter. Looking to increase membership? Check out our section on Growing a Group! To put together a rockstar lineup of events, check out the section on Event Planning and then scope out the Activity Packets for help making them happen.

You'll want to be sure you have a presence at your school's student organizations fair. You might want to get some free Tabling Supplies to help make your table awesome, or a set of custom Business Cards to advertise your group. Check out and share your own flyer designs through the Design Exchange.

Last butf you're a new leader or haven't gotten a copy of the SSA's Group Running Guide, you can download a PDF or put in a request to get a paper copy today!

Take Us To Your Leaders!

Sometimes we like to get in touch with leaders of SSA affiliates. If you're receiving this and are still a leader, fantastic! You're in the right place. If you have received this email and somebody else is the leader, we need to know! Drop us a line or have the new leaders get in touch with us! Be sure to include their name, email, and role within your group.

Meet the SSA Campus Organizing Team!

Lyz Liddell - Director of Campus Organizing

She is the Master Splinter to our Ninja Turtles. Anything not handled by the rest of the organizer team falls to Lyz. When not being a super boss (her kryptonite is any piece of food that is even mildly spicy), Lyz leads a not-so-secret life as a table-top gamer geek and musician.

JT Eberhard - High School Specialist

Aside from managing the SSA's recently unveiled high school program, JT also handles your business card requests, web forwards, and @SSA email addresses. He was also once a paid opera singer.

Sarah Moglia - Events Specialist

Sarah is our in-house Dawkins-wrangler presently helping to manage the Richard Dawkins tour! This means that during the fall she will be like the Chupacabra: you'll be doing good to get a glimpse of her. She has also kissed Lady GaGa.
Nick Stancato - Resouce Coordinator

Like a younger, more cynical, secular Santa Claus, Nick Stancato sends your group presents - like stickers, banners and other tabling supplies! Nick also manages the SSA speakers bureau. He is a connossieur of console gaming, whose favorite franchises include Mass Effect, Assassins Creed, and Halo.
Andy Cheadle - Group-Starting Specialist

Andy, as his title implies, handles all our potential incoming groups. Want to know how to grow your group beyond a dedicated handful? Andy has you covered. Andy also has two atheist tatoos, because he is that hardcore.

Jesse Galef - Communications Director

Whenever your group does something awesome, this is the guy who makes sure the world knows about it. Need to run a press release for an event? Jesse is the person who will coach you on it. In his spare time, Jesse breakdances like a baws.

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