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This Week: Texas, Interfaith and Webinars

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This Week: Welcome Back, Quarter-Term Schools!
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SSA Leadership Track at the 2011 Texas Freethought Convention

IFYC 9/11 "Be Better Together" Project

Webinar Poll - When Can We Serve You?


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Greetings, you happy heathens!

Muahahahahahahahahaha! It's my first This Week email of the school year! I can feel the power...

This week we're going to show you how you can see Richard Dawkins for super-cheap as we put together what is shaping up to be our best leadership track to date!

We've also climbed on board with the Interfaith Youth Core for a big project: a day of service for groups across the country for the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. This will be a great opportunity for all you service-oriented groups out there or for other groups who have been itching to get out and make a physical difference in their communities.

We're also going to make a strong effort to bring leadership training, like the stuff found at our Annual Leadership Conference, into your living room with a series of webinars this year. Details on how you can help us make them better below!
Party on!
Campus Organizer/High School Specialist
Secular Student Alliance
SSA Leadership Track at the 2011 Texas Freethought Convention

Richard Dawkins will be the keynote speaker at the Texas Freethought Convention in Houston, TX in October. They'll also have Matt Dillahunty, PZ Myers, Michael Shermer, Eugenie Scott and more. Plus, we'll be holding a whole track of SSA leadership training. We have worked with the organizers to get an amazing deal for students! If you get a coupon code through the SSA, you can register for this amazing event for only $59! This will get you access to the whole conference as well as some exclusive SSA goodies/events we have in the works.
There is also cheap housing available. You can get a double room for up to four people at the conference hotel for $124. If that's too much, there is a youth hostel just a mile away with rates for beds starting at $16/night. We have it all detailed on the housing page for the event. We've also decided to sweeten the pot a little more by setting aside some money to give travel grants for this event! Stay tuned by checking in on the TFC event page every now and again.

IFYC 9/11 "Be Better Together" Project

IFYC Be Better Together ProjectThe Interfaith Youth Core is gearing up for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 by organizing a day of service projects across the country! This is a great chance to have an impact in your community and to show your neighbors that atheists are here to help. The SSA is excited to be a co-sponsor of this event. The cause of secularism is not only a marketplace of ideas, it's about encouraging dialogue and service; it's about making it clear that we denounce violence in all forms; and it's about banding with others to do the same. If you want to see the whole program and get involved, you can download the 9/11 project toolkit here.
If you'd like to learn more about how (or perhaps why) your SSA affiliate can get involved with interfaith, check out our interfaith resource page.

Webinar Poll - When Can We Serve You?

Webinars!The SSA is working on producing a series of webinars for the coming year. Students will gain access to the same great leadership training we give at conferences but from the comfort of your pajamas - and for free!!! However, we want to know when the best time to do these sessions would be - so we'd love for you to give us (literally) two minutes out of your day to tell us by filling out this brief, two-question form. We will pay you back many times over with awesome webinar programs! :)

The very first one will be next week on "What the SSA can do for your group." As soon as we start getting some polls in and we decide on a time, we'll let you know. Hope to see you there!!! :)

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