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This Week: Winter Break & More!

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This Week: Winter Break
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Winter Break

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Changing Leadership

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It's the last week or so for almost all of you.  With that in mind, we're not going to throw a whole lot of new information at you.  Focus on your finals and papers and projects, and then kick back and relax over winter break.  We'll still send out these emails every week, but they'll be much shorter from now until January so you can focus on friends, family, video games, and getting some time for yourself.

That said, our Campus Organizing Team will be here in the office over most of the break (exception: the week between Xmas and New Year's), so if you have ideas you want feedback on or plans you want to start working on, don't hesitate to send them over.
Keep up the great work, do well on finals, and enjoy the break.

Winter Break

Sam Jackson, our newest Assistant Campus Organizer, writes these words of encouragement for you and your members!
It's finals week! All of your hard work thus far this school year cumulates into the next several days. We hope you complete your semester/quarter just as successfully as you started. It’s tough but everyone is capable of pushing through these last few days and passing their tests with flying colors.

At my tenure on The Hill I meet an aide to the former Secretary of State who gave me one of the best advices I could get in my professional life. She said, whatever you do, be successful at it. Although all the choices you make matter, your area of study for example, perhaps the biggest factor in the success of life’s equation is providing yourself the greatest track record for success. You want to show the world that whatever you coffeecommit to, will be done; that which you start, you can finish. Of course you want not only to finish, but you want your work to go swimmingly. Therefore do the best you can do and be the best you can be every moment of every day of your life but most especially this week!

The non-theistic student community comes in all shapes and sizes but there is no reason for your diversity to not have anything but winners! After you complete the current week successfully you will have a lovely winter break and find "west and welaxation at wast" as Elmer would say. And remember: the best relaxation is met after you've done a ton of hard work.
Here is to hoping you guys make yourselves proud

Publish Your Success with SSA

We love to hear from our affiliates! We would especially love for you guys to let us know anything exciting your group has been doing over the past semester. We are always proud of what you are able to accomplish, and we want to publish your group's success.boy

Whether you had a successful event, made an interesting stand for the secular movement or did something totally unique - we would love to hear from you! So go ahead and send us any of the relevant information (and of course some pretty pictures to go along with it), and it we'll put it up at the SSA's (new!) website.

You folks are the source of the best ideas and most creative projects, and you're a better inspiration to one another than we could ever be from up here.  We hope that us publicizing the awesome stuff you do will help other groups learn from your successes and do even more amazing things in the future.

Changing Leadership

Between semesters is a common time for a group's leadership to change.  But we have no way of knowing unless you tell us! If something comes up, we need to be able to contact you - whether it be about speaker opportunities, cool events, free stuff, or other things you probably want to know about.

So make sure you tell us if your group's leadership has changed - big or small.  Thanks!


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