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This Week: Celebrating the Life of a Champion

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This Week: Celebrating the Life of a Champion
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Celebrating the Life of a Champion

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Hello Everyone!

Here's to hoping everyone is too leisured relaxing and enjoying their winter break to read this! If you are reading this in spite of all that you should be ashamed of yourself! Stop reading right now and go enjoy your time off!

Today's This Week is a small eulogy in celebration of Christopher Hitchens. His death saddened me but we can all take comfort in the fact that Hitchens lived a good and rewarding life and we should do the same! Let's enjoy the remaining holidays this year.

Mother Hen says to be safe!


Celebrating the Life of a Champion

So unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last four days you were informed of Christopher Hitchen's death last week. He died of pneumonia, an illness he would have certainly survived if he was not suffering from complications from esophageal cancer. His death was more tragic than shocking but nonetheless it made the non-theist community feel a great loss for the entire world.smile

I stumbled upon Hitch back in 2007 right after Jerry Falwell died. He appeared on Fox News lamenting there were no hell for Falwell to be sent to and almost wishing Hell were to exist. It was a lovely first encounter to have of him because it perfectly encapsulated his firebrand and it’s that unapologetic audacity which made me fall in love with his person. 

Hitchens was not afraid to bear the title of the iconoclast and even wore it as a badge of honor attacking and lampooning the likes of Mother Teresa, Princess Diana and of course even the gods themselves. It was an important job of course because it appears to be extremely easy for people to idolize someone or something. With nothing but a vague association of it with goodness and a large pool of likeminded people willing to go along with said association. I would still have a very healthy image of Mother Teresa for instance if it were not for Hitchens educating me about her disgraceful track record.

And so you see the majesty of his work as an iconoclast – a champion of human freedom. He was the emancipator of the mind because while it is difficult to control someone forcefully it is relatively easy to be a slave to one’s own created master. Ultimately the hoarding of imagined things as sacred leads to real life sacred cows. Therefore using his life to spearhead what he called anti-theism was a great contribution to human freedom because it allowed us to pause re-evaluate the culture we have which provides a fertile environment for these things.

Hitchens was a breath of fresh air as he said and wrote things which simply had to be spoken of. He is also such an inspiration for so many people and not just in the non-theist community. We would do well to celebrate his life and continue his great legacy.



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