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This Week: Secular Holidays

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This Week: Secular Holidays
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Secular Holidays

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Hey everybody!  As FOX News is beginning to tell me, the war on Christmas is on!  Here are a few tips for how to really win that battle this year:

1.  Enjoy the company of good friends!
2.  Savor the taste of egg nog.
3.  Fudge.  Eat it all.
4.  Pursue world peace and good will toward man.
5.  Presents.  Give and receive.

Funny how the war on Christmas looks an awful lot like...being good, secular people.  Enjoy the holidays, gang!  It's been a great year.  You've all done some absolutely phenomenal things.  You've earned some partying!

Just wait until after finals, ok?

Party On!

Secular Holidays

Seeing how everyone is scurrying to get ready for the holidays, I thought it was a good idea to provide a list and short description of some secular holidays you guys could celebrate with your group.

The first is Winter Solstice celebrated between December 20th-23rd. The dates comprise the shortest days of the year or rather the longest nights of the year. Freethinkers celebrate Winter Solstice largely in celebration to the successful advances in astronomy (Kepler was the greatest) and the improvements it provided scientific inquiry. In celebration you can pay homage to science. Buying people various gifts related to a specific field in science: microscopes, telescopes, various books and the like is one idea. There really are no specific traditions here. Read more about the solstice here.

Following Winter Solstice is Festivus which is celebrated December 23rd. is a secular holiday made in part due to the overwhelming commercialization one might feel during the holiday season. One tradition of Festivus include an airing of grievances in which members of a group or family opine the things that they found disappointing about eachother that year. Another tradition is the festivus pole which is made of an unadorned aluminum pole with a simple, usually wooden, base. To learn learn about Festivus click here.

Next we have the Human Light celebration which is a humanist holiday which was launched by the New Jersey Humanist Network (NJHN). guy in sunThe purpose of the celebration, which is also December 23rd, is to commemorate and celebrate humanist ideals and sentiments - the idea that we can live a perfectly happy, peaceful and ethical life without the use of supernatural concepts. This years Human Light celebration marks NJHN's 10th anniversary. If you are interested you can read more or sign up for the event here.

Finally, we can't end the list without talking about the behemoth which is Christmas. It is perfectly possible to celebrate a secular X-mas, most of the work is already done. There is nothing supernatural which comes with buying and wrapping gifts, eating a bunch of food or singing your favorite version of gingle bells Batman smells. You would have to do without the nativity scene of course but presumably you'll live.

Whatever your plans are for the following weeks - filling your belly with tasty yum yums, hanging out with family and friends, traveling to an exciting get away or just taking a big break - make sure you have a lot of fun doing it.


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