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This Week: The Reason Rally and Planning for Next Year!

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This Week: Reason Rally and Planning for Next Year
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Reason Rally

Plan for January Recruitment

Want a Speaker at Your School?

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Don't forget, Volunteers Beyond Belief is encouraging groups to donate blood the first two weeks of December! Only 3 out of 100 eligible people donate blood...show that non-theists care! Find a place to donate here, and email Sarah@secularstudents.org after your group donates!

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Hello my fellow freethinkers!

By now your group should be starting to plan schedules and activities for next quarter or next semester. If you would like to get a speaker out in Winter or Spring, check out our Speakers Bureau and I'd be glad to get your group set up with one. A speaker can be a great event to get your members excited in the coming cold months.

If you need anything else, whether that's tabling supplies, speaker planning, event advice, or more please feel free to contact me!

With Freethought,

Reason Rally

The SSA is going to the Reason Rally-- are you? The Reason Rally is coming up faster than you think! Check out if there is a bus leaving out of your area. If you register for that before December 31, the round trip will only run you $100 or less. This is going to be an amazingly awesome event full of epicness. The only way it could get more epic is if there was dragon-slaying involved. There are all kinds of great speakers announced every day and the band Bad Religion will be there to perform. Show America that non-theists exist and are more than willing to make their voices heard in politics. Try to ask your school to pay for your group to go, or start planning fundraisers now! You can get more info on our page or at the Reason Rally website

Plan for January Recruitment

Thanksgiving and finals are coming up fast, so now is the time to start planning for January recruitment before you get too bogged down! Look for any Activity Fairs where you can table (and you can request tabling supplies from the SSA for free). This is also a great time to get dormant members more active once their schedule changes. You can also do a flyer campaign and really post your name everywhere. And look! We even have lots of premade flyers available on our website!

Never tabled before? Never fear! We've put together an activity packet for tabling, detailing all you need to know to successfully get your name out there.

Want a Speaker at Your School?

Want a speaker at your school? Well luckily the SSA has an awesome Speakers Bureau and get a speaker at your school! We have all sorts of great speakers who can talk about a plethora of topics. We also offer project grants to get speakers to come to your school in case you're low on funding!


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