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This Week: Skepticon 4, Affiliation Renewals, and Upcoming Webinar

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This Week: Skepticon 4, Affiliation Renewals, and Upcoming Webinar
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Skepticon 4 Is Approaching

Affiliation Renewals: Do Them

Webinar: How to Make Your Group More Edgy

There is presently a petition to the White House to have "Under God" stricken from the pledge of allegiance.  Go here to affix your digital signature!

The Secular Student Alliance seeks a part-time administrative assistant to join us in Columbus.  The position starts in mid-November.  Details here.

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Lyz is out of the office, which means I hold the keys to the weekly email kingdom!  So stand at attention, ye champions of the province of secularism, as I impart to the happenings of our movement.

First, there's a big, student-run, national event on the horizon.  Skepticon 4 is approaching with all the momentum of a runaway semi truck!  Registrations are through the roof, so make sure that if you and any members of your group want to attend that you are making plans now.

Second, affiliation renewals.  Let's not drag this out into a scenario where Nick, Andy, and I have to haunt you like Halloween ghosts to get you to take 15 minutes and fill out your group's renewal.  Because we'll do it.  Lyz will make us.

Lastly, we've got another webinar tomorrow and it's mine!  I'll be doing a presentation on how to make your group more edgy.  It can actually be done without mohawks and vandalism.  Register and tune-in tomorrow night and I'll tell you how! 

Stay frosty, ye noble standard-bearers of godlessness!

Party on!

JT Eberhard, High School Specialist
Secular Student Alliance


Skepticon 4 Is Approaching

Skepticon 4 runs from Nov. 18-20, which means it's less than a month away! 
Skepticon is a testament to what students are capable of doing.  The student-run event held annually in Springfield, MO, it is now perenially one of the biggest atheistic gatherings in the world and features some of the brightest lights in the skeptical firmament.  It is also FREE to attend!
That means all you'd need to do is register, get yourselves there (there is ride sharing), and find a place to crash (there is room sharing). 
Recently announced was a zerg to the recently opened Creation "Museum" in Nixa, MO, just 30 minutes away, to be led by PZ Myers on Friday, Nov. 18.  See the whole schedule here.

Affiliation Renewals: Do Them

Ok, no more playin' around.  We work and we slave through this labor of love: providing you guys with resources, advice, and empowering you for a secular future.  And what do we ask in return (aside from asking you to perpetually kick more and more butt, since we already know you do that)?  We ask a paltry fifteen minutes of your time to fill out your affiliation renewal that you agreed to fill out when you affiliated.

The deadline for submission is Oct. 31, which is only a week away, and over half of you have not given us a mere 15 minutes.  For all the groups on this list, Nick thinks you don't love him anymore and is in the corner right now drowning his sorrow in holiday fudge.

If your renewal is not in our hands in one week, he'll probably switch over to harder stuff like pumpkin pie.  We will also start nagging you like there was no tomorrow.  Like getting through class without your cell phone ringing off the hook?  Yeah, that won't be happening.  Help you help us help you.

Webinar: How to Make Your Group More Edgy

Many groups struggle with expanding their vision beyond the prescriptions for group-running that are readily available.  Campus Organizer JT Eberhard will offer guidance on how to integrate a creative and/or unorthodox approach to group-running and event-planning that will help make your unique group stand out.  Q&A session will follow.
This will take place Tuesday, October 25, at 7:30pm Eastern Standard Time.  It is free, but you will need to register by going here.

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