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This Week: Interfaith Leadership, Affiliation Renewals, Join the National SSA

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This Week: Interfaith Leadership, Affiliation Renewals, Join the National SSA
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Interfaith Leadership Institutes

Affiliation Renewal Reminder

Join the National SSA

The next webinar will be Oct. 25 over How To Make Your Group More Edgy with High School Specialist JT Eberhard

Join the growing numbers who are taking a stand for science-based
medicine.  Join us on October 28th in confronting homeopathy and
demanding that the FDA require peer-reviewed, scientific research in
order to garner its approval!

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Hello, everyone!

The Interfaith Youth Core's Leadership Institutes are coming up.  The SSA has worked with the Interfaith Youth Core in the past on projects like the the President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge.  Right now the IFYC is in full on recruitment mode for their Leadership Institutes.

We're a week into affiliation renewals.  Lots of groups have filled out their renewal, but a lot of groups still need to get on it.  That means you!

You should also think about joining the national SSA.  There are a lot of benefits for those who do, and it supports this organization we all love.

Nick Stancato
Resource Coordinator
Secular Student Alliance



Join an Interfaith Leadership Institute

Interfaith Leadership Institutes are four-day intensive workshops that equip students and their campus allies to be movement builders for interfaith action. Join hundreds of organizers who are changing campuses through the Better Together campaign.
Rally your campus team, and apply now to join them for the next ILI at Emory University in Atlanta, GA – January 12-15, 2012.   Applications due November 28.  (Apply by October 31 and save $50!)
If you're applying for one of these institutes, let Lyz Liddell know so she can recommend you to the IFYC leadership team.

Affiliation Renewals

We're into the second week of our affiliation renewals.  Lots of group leaders have taken the fifteen minutes to fill out their form.  Lots more haven't.  The groups that are outstanding can be seen on the outstanding affiliation renewal list - what we affectionately call our "Wall of Shame."

If you see your group on that list, then you still need to fill out an affiliation renewal form!  You can do that here.

Join the National SSA!

Support from the SSA is always free for our groups, but there is a long list of perks for individuals who become official members of the national SSA. Not only does this give you the power to vote in our board elections, but it also allows you to get sweet deals on many events involving the SSA.  Even better, it lets you know that you're part of a movement that's bigger than just your group at your campus - you're part of a national organization that's changing the face of this country!

The normal cost of an annual membership is $35, but we give them to students for free. We ask not only that you consider becoming a member, but that you encourage the members of your campus group to consider joining as well.

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