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SSA Leadership Track at the 2011 Texas Freethought Convention




Texas Freethought ConventionOne of the fastest-growing freethought events in the last few years has been the Texas Freethought Convention. This year they're co-hosted by the brand-new Atheist Alliance of America! They have a star-studded lineup (Richard Dawkins is the keynote this year), the event is easily accessible with Texas being in the middle of the country, and this year the Texas Freethought Convention will be sporting a shiny new SSA Leadership track!

We've had amazing success with these events in the past, so a lot will stay the same. One of the main things that will carry over to this event is that student members of the national SSA will receive a discount so epic, Chuck Norris will leave the state. The registration cost for the convention is normally $150, but if you get a coupon code from the SSA they'll hack $91 off the price - which means our students can get in for a paltry $59!!!

What will you get for your $59? Acess to the full conference and a whole lot more, that's what! You will get the usual awesome leadership training along with all the fun extras. You get access to all the conference lectures as well. You will also receive access to the SSA room at the conference, where you can go to unwind if you need some down time and to interact/network with other students. There will be games like Rock Band, Super Smash Brothers Melee, DDR, Apples to Apples, and other classics running at all times. There may even a Duck Hunt tournament, because we know how to rock it old school at the SSA. We are even trying to tie down PZ Myers for an exclusive get-to-know you session with the students where he will challenge all-comers at Mario Kart Double Dash (or whatever game is popular at the time).

Also...do you remember that time we talked about orchestrating a surprise for this event?  Well here it is: if you register for the 2011 Texas Freethought Convention with an SSA discount, you are invited to an exclusive breakfast event with Richard Dawkins!  The food is on us, so if you have one of those magical SSA tickets, just check the schedule and come on down and chill with Richard.

Here's the kicker: this thing is filling up - especially the conference hotel. You can presently get a double room (and sleep up to four people in it) for a special rate of $124/night. Once those rooms are gone, so is that rate, and they're filling up fast. So organize quickly, get your reservations made, and we'll see you there!

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