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Student SSA Membership


Membership in the Secular Student Alliance is free for students! Any student enrolled in a U.S. high school, college, graduate program, technical school, or equivalent is welcome to become a member at no cost.

Many organizations offer "student" memberships: reduced-rate and reduced-benefit versions of the full memberships reserved for people with full pockets. Not here! Students are the core of the Secular Student Alliance, and so our student members not only get every single benefit that non-student members get - you get extra benefits not available to non-students!

As a student member of the Secular Student Alliance, you receive:

  • Discounts to the SSA Annual Conference and other national eventsStudent members
  • Eligibility to apply for Leadership Travel Aid to our Annual Conference and other national secular events
  • Eligibility to apply for a Project Grant
  • Connection to the larger secular student movement via monthly email newsletters and other opportunities
  • Eligibility to run for our Board of Directors
  • Eligibility for the SSA's Scholarships for Student Activists

By becoming a member, you're joining a nation-wide network of secular student activists working to:

  • Normalize secular identity
  • Engage in activism for secular causes
  • Educate others about religion and secular worldviews
  • Enact your secular values through service

Our demographic is the least likely to be religious and the most likely to be open-minded. When it comes to changing the world, nobody's more important than you - your creativity, dedication, and enthusiasm are unmatched.

Welcome to the Secular Student Alliance. Let's change the world.

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Now you can sign up your entire affiilate group membership for free SSA memberships! 

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