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Starting a Group Successfully


1. Request a Group Starting Packet (GSP)

You can go here to request one. The GSP contains many of the essential supplies and resources needed to get your group going, like the Group Running Guide (GRG), flyers, and material explaining the SSA and our many services and resources that are available for our groups. It's essential that once you receive your GSP that you spend a little bit of time looking over it, especially the GRG. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact one of our campus organizers. 

2. Research

Do a little research and find out what your school requires from your group to become an official student organization.

This can usually be accomplished by going to your university's Student Life or Activities website and looking up the requirements (or, if you can't find it, going to the office itself never hurts either). Many universities only allow official organizations to hang flyers. Make sure you find out your school's policies before you hang the flyers that came with your packet (the info should be available in the same place as the requirements). Some universities require their groups to have a certain number of members, certain words/phrases/sections in your constitution, or something else. If you need help accomplishing these goals or if you feel you are being obstructed from starting a group, remember we're here to help you! 

At a high school, talking to the principal is usually best. 

3. Promote your group!

Hang flyers! If you have another means of communicating your presence to the campus, consider that as well. Some of our groups have successfully used their school's newspaper, chalking, websites, and many other promotional tools to announce their presence to their campus. The more creative, present, and memorable your advertisements are, the more likely people will come to your meetings. Be sure to monitor your SSA email forward and Facebook page (or other web presence) during this time, as people who see your flyers will be trying to get a hold of you!

4. Have an organizational or business meeting

At this meeting you can decide what your constitution should say, who your faculty adviser should be (or brainstorm some ideas about who could be one), how many officers you want, what your group's goals should be, etc.

5. Keep working for official recognition from your school.

On some campuses this is as simple as completing paperwork, and at some it's a mess of red tape. Let us know if you're having trouble! Once you have recognition, be sure to fill out the form for affiliation. Affiliates have access to all of the SSA's services and resources. It is completely free and we don't require you or your group members to become members of the SSA (though we do recommend it).

Of course, this has been a very brief outline of the typical group starting experience. The most important things we can stress to you are to read your GRG, follow your campus' policies, and ask questions if you have them. The groups who email us with questions tend to be the successful ones, so don't hesitate to.

6. That's not the end! 

Once affiliated and official on campus, plan events, promote your group, recruit new leaders... this is just the beginning!

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