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Thank you for helping with SSA Week!


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Wow. What a week!

Thank you for helping make SSA Week so successful. We raised over $91,000 (we know some of you mailed in your support, so we will add that to the total after it arrives) and had some great exposure!

With your help we are set to hit the ground running in the fall. During SSA Week, we received more than 700 donations. Everywhere you looked on-line, be it Reddit, Facebook, or twitter, you saw SSA Week profile pictures, banners, and posts!

http://www.secularstudents.org/sites/default/files/Reddit%20TY_0.pngNot only were we all over "new media," but we were also taking over traditional media! After writing an article about the SSA that drew more than 3000 comments, CNN had our Communications Director Jesse Galef appear on Wednesday morning. That video wound up going viral, so CNN had Jesse back on Saturday night! You can see both appearences below! The Washington Times also blamed us for the future "fall of the American Republic!"

The SSA made it to the front page of Reddit! After the success of the first CNN video, Jesse gave an impromptu Ask Me Anything that skyrocketed to the eighth most popular post!

Sarah MohawkA big thank-you to all of the bloggers who participated in Blogathon! Many of them stayed up all night posting, or live-streamed their day. Our own Sarah Moglia offered to get a mohawk if people gave over $1,200 to the SSA via her Personal Campaign Page.  As you can see, she met that goal. Another thank-you to the artists that made goods or donated profits to the SSA this week!

Thanks to everyone who stepped up to the plate. You donated, changed your profile picture, and spread the word. Thank you for making SSA week such a success.

But the work isn't over. We are expecting record growth in the fall, and we need your continued support to make that possible. Keep spreading the word about the great things the Secular Student Alliance is achieving. We are growing faster than ever, and need your support to keep this growth going.

Thanks for helping with SSA Week and for all of your past support! It's only with your support that we're able to help our network of over 30,000 secular students from Anchorage to Miami. If you missed out on SSA Week, it is not too late to show your Support. We still have a matching offer on the table, so any contribution will be matched dollar-for-dollar!

Jesse Galef on CNN Wednesday (top) and Saturday.

The Secular Student Alliance is a501(c)(3) educational non-profit so all of your support is fully tax-deductible.

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