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SSA Week 2013!


SSA Week Banner

Thank you to everyone who contributed during SSA Week 2013!  We are both excited and humbled by the enthusiastic response from the community.

We deeply appreciate all of you who made this week possible.  You were the bloggers and artists who promoted us in writing and in art, the supporters who made special financial contributions during this week, and the student leaders (for whom we exist!) spreading reason across campuses nationwide.

With the Jeff Hawkins and Janet Strauss match, SSA Week 2013 raised over $50,000 for secular students!  We're excited that many of our SSA Week 2013 supporters are now giving monthly.  In fact, the supporter making the largest monthly pledge in our history joined us during SSA Week 2013!

We are so excited about where we are going, as of course our work continues beyond this past week.  It is on that note that I am pleased to announce the formal release of our Case Statement, a document outlining why we exist, where we are now, and where we are going.

Our Case Statement is a reflection of what you have empowered us to do over the last thirteen years and where we plan to go in the years to come.  I encourage you to download our Case Statement at www.secularstudents.org/case.

Thank you again for your support not only this past week, but throughout the rest of this coming year.  We continue to break new ground, such as the addition of a second location for our annual conference.  We could not do what we do without you - so thank you again!

Participants list:

Below is list of all the bloggers and other online voices that hehlped out with SSA Week! Thank you so much to these supporters!  We could not do what we do with out you!


Online Content Creator Blog/Comic What is planned?
Greta Christina Greta Christina's Blog 12 hours blogging on April 30th. Starting here!
Melanie Skepchick Top 10 Reasons To Support the SSA
Jeffrey Weston Ape Not Monkey A Comic series! Part 1 here!
Adam Lee Daylight Atheism Ask me Anything and donation-directed posting!
Maki Naro Sci-ence comic Posting a comic!
Avicenna A Million Gods 12 hours blogging on May 1st!
Hemant Mehta Friendly Atheist Blog post in about why the SSA matters!
Kylie Sturgess Token Skeptic Sunday, May 5th: one post every hour! Starting here!
Ed Brayton Dispatches from the Culture Wars Blog post about the importance of the SSA!
JT Eberhard WWJTD See JT's Schedule here! He will be livestreaming here!
Gamma Atheist Gamma Atheist Blog post about the importance of the SSA!
Chana The Merely Real 12 hours blogging on May 5th!
Kate Ashley Miller's Blog 12 hours blogging on May 5th!
Mike Mei Inspirational Freethought 12 hours blogging on May 5th!
Richard Carrier Richard Carrier Blogs Blog post here!
Miri Brute Reason Blogathon Sunday, May 5th from 11AM-7PM

Remember, you can donate by clicking below! All gifts are being matched until we reach $250,000!

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