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Sports activities


Playing sports with your group is a great way to bond with each other--and stay in shape while you’re at it.  Your group has a few options to consider when going athletic:

Sports as a meeting
Instead of a normal meeting, you can organize an athletic activity.  Ultimate is an easy game to organize with any number of people if the weather is good--all you need is a field and a Frisbee.  Volleyball, basketball, dodgeball, and soccer are good for medium-sized groups, with minimal costs and options to play indoors if the weather doesn’t cooperate.  Larger groups can try kickball, softball, baseball, or even Quidditch.  If your group is up to the challenge, playing an obscure sport can be a fun learning experience for everyone.  Sepak Takraw, anyone?

Registering a team in your school’s intramural league is a great way to build camaraderie and increase your presence on campus.  Even members who aren’t on the team can cheer and show their support!  Be aware that intramurals require a significant time commitment, often with penalties for backing out.

Intergroup tournaments
Are there other SSA affiliates nearby?  Come together during a weekend and have a friendly tournament!  Organization is easy and you get to network with local secular students.  Combining this with a picnic or a cook-off is a delicious way to get the non-athletic members involved.  Be sure to have alternate plans just in case the weather is bad.

Away games
Are you following your team to the big game this weekend?  Check to see if your rival has an SSA affiliate!  Joining a tailgate party before and celebrating/bemoaning the game’s results afterwards with some new secular friends can be a good time for both groups.

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